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  1. but thst is what i did ... perhaps the updates that sna did today broke that function? just wondering is all ... thanks
  2. thanks, musicmsn ... however, how exactly do i do that, please?
  3. i am new to sna ... i thought i did a pm ... what do i need to understand, please?
  4. hi, snake i offer $400 including postage to Albury Wodonga. please let me know, one way or the other in due course. thanks, snake. herm 0413 942 144 herman.veltkamp@gmail.com
  5. Well, here I am, recently retired and thinking of connecting back to an earlier me who loved music. I am thinking of immersive audio (like multi-channel). My wife and I attended all three days of StereoNet last October ... we took advantage of the free train there and back during the coincident Victoria Seniors Week. I am looking forward to reading the various forum contributions by SNA members and to considering if any of the classifieds will work for me. hafv
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