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  1. Hi there, Harold, Welcome to the SNA community! What in specific are you seeking if I may ask, please? We are a large community so we have much to offer. Just trying to help start a dialogue .....
  2. hafv


    hi there, kent! welcome to sna! not sure ... have you tried this site? . https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.wescomponents.com/datasheets/Stanfield/Stanfield_Jan_2008_web.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiUoc3ggI7kAhUYfH0KHWEnAR4QFjAJegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw3SFGS6vfp0sr-BrMtkn57A .
  3. hi there, keith, welcome to sna! when you ask "what websites are people using to buy their gear", do you mean what sites are used for research --- to figure out the plus, minus, interesting of various products and configurations ... or do you mean you already know the exact make, model, quantity, and configuration (i.e., you already are aware of what "plays nice" and "not so nice" together)? your answer will help us guide you .... or at least share a few approaches .... ta. hafv
  4. hello, op, yes, i have invested in SACD (and DVD-A, and, recently, blu-ray pure audio and, yes, even very recently, dolby atmos audio - 7 titles so far) since the '90s. re your comment "hard to find anything I really want to listen to on SACD" may i suggest you give hraudio.net a try? there is a handy dropdown menu where you can select sacd, bluray-audio, multi-channel, etc. within each listing, there are links to online places to shop. unfortunately, no links to discogs ... however, once you have the title number, you can do that on your own, yes? there is also a dropdown menu for genre. i used the site for many years (back when it was sa-cd.net ... before it migrated to hraudio.net). just this past weekend, for the first time, i created my first logon for hraudio.net (never made one for sa-cd.net ever). the weather was dreadful so i stayed indoors and created "my library" on the hraudio.net site. i am astonished by the size and diversity of my "hi-res" collection! and i find the site's "suggested recommendations" based on "my library" to be interesting. so i have added some of those finds (a couple of nuggets!) to "my wishlist" also on this hraudio.net site. to the fellow sna member who was pleased to find out about 2L, yes, there is even a dropdown to see listings by label (as well as by composer!) .... click the red hamburger icon (top right) to open the black menu panel that appears on the left ... near the top is music, click on that and the labels dropdown is the one on the right of tge three you see. hope this helps you (and the sna community) ! hafv
  5. Thank-you, Irek. The marantz av8805 is a pre-pro (or is the av8805 really just an avr as you say?). If I do go with the marantz av8805, then two marantz mm8077s would provide the amplify grunt. just wondering what speakers (atmos ceiling, fronts, sides, rears, centre) I should consider (or avoid) if i go down the marantz av8805 and mm8077 x 2 road. I am seeking a multichannel surround sound (immersive audio) ... rather than two-channel. thanks for your contribution! being a newbie (and a retired old man), i am looking to the wisdom of the sna family to help me along my journey. ta.
  6. may i please ask the forum what speakers are appropriate (and / or inappropriate) for marantz, say av8805?
  7. but thst is what i did ... perhaps the updates that sna did today broke that function? just wondering is all ... thanks
  8. thanks, musicmsn ... however, how exactly do i do that, please?
  9. i am new to sna ... i thought i did a pm ... what do i need to understand, please?
  10. hi, snake i offer $400 including postage to Albury Wodonga. please let me know, one way or the other in due course. thanks, snake. herm
  11. Well, here I am, recently retired and thinking of connecting back to an earlier me who loved music. I am thinking of immersive audio (like multi-channel). My wife and I attended all three days of StereoNet last October ... we took advantage of the free train there and back during the coincident Victoria Seniors Week. I am looking forward to reading the various forum contributions by SNA members and to considering if any of the classifieds will work for me. hafv
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