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  1. Thanks for chipping in suggestions @Darren69, @Jventer much appreciate it
  2. Heya, yes im aware of orig price, i just checked on recent SNA listings and last 1 sold for $390, probably sold very quickly though Ill pass on the I2S unit as my dac only has coax and optical ins, cheers though
  3. Item: Empirical Audio Off Ramp usb spdif converter Price Range: $400 Item Condition: Used Extra Info:
  4. Item: speaker cables, 1.5-2.5m pair, banana terminated Price Range: FOUND Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Before i decide to purchase some new aurealis duelund, just checking if anyone has cables that have similar character ie warm, not too revealing. Im running my dac direct/class D amp into some dynaudio audience and my aurealis litz (just sold) were amazingly vivid but just a bit too revealing for my small listening space.
  5. Ah drats didnt read this til now. Yes i can swing that for sure. How about we switch to PM to sort out details, cheers
  6. Hiya, yep id be willing to sell the 201s at same price as the 2m duelund pair, was hoping to snag a 2nd hand pair though, can i get back to you in a day or two? Ill also check with Geoff if he has those Duelands in stock,cheers and thanks for interest
  7. Item: Aurealis Duelund Speaker Cables (1.5-2.m) Price Range: trade for Aurealis Litz 201 2m pair (+ cash adjustment) Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Love my Litz 201's, just wanting to experience more Aurealis examples. I'm in Melbs, but will consider interstate trade as long as its mutual express post. Cheers
  8. I have these, very lightly used https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/earphones/203-periodic-audio-carbon-earphones PM if interested
  9. Selling my Castle Richmond 3is which are in great nick. These were one of the last models made in UK before offshore manafacture took over. Reason for sale-Ive been wanting to tryout Dynaudios for ages and picked up a great little pair this morning (thanks EresT!) I dont need 2 pairs, but i will miss these, such a great mid range and smooth top end. Speakers can be picked up between 10-2 weekdays (except this friday) or i can drop them off if your within 15-20 mins from Frankston.
  10. Item: Osborn F1/F2, Legend Joey Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Melbourne only, can pick up.
  11. Incredible interconnects, just a tad short after a desk reshuffle
  12. Seriously well built and high quality volume/monitor controller, primarily designed for active monitors in a studio setting, but can be just as effective utilised as an active preamp in a hifi setup, which is how ive used this ie dac fixed line out > SPL > power amp (all balanced). Comes with power cord (not pictured) I dont have the original box but will pack well.
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