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  1. Post previous (not current ones) digital LCNs of TV channels you can recite from memory here. I'm more interested into ones from the early days of multi-channels (pre-2012). Canberra (1 March 2016-30 June 2016): 2 ABC 3 SBS ONE 5 SC10 Canberra 6 Prime7 Canberra 8 WIN Canberra 21 ABC 22 ABC2/4Kids 23 ABC3 24 ABC News 24 30 SBS HD 32 SBS 2 33 Food Network 34 NITV 50 ONE Canberra 54 TVSN 55 ELEVEN 56 Aspire TV 60 Prime7 Canberra 61 Prime7 Canberra 62 7TWO Canberra 63 7mate Canberra 64 4ME 65 iShopTV 68 RACING.COM 80 WIN Canberra HD 81 WIN Canberra 82 GEM Canberra 83 GO! Canberra 84 LIFE 85 EXTRA 86 GOLD 88 GO! Canberra
  2. Sad thing SBS Viceland won't broadcast in MPEG-2 SD anymore... It should still...
  3. This is their new logo. What do you think of it? Comment below.
  4. After a long time, all we need are some multichannels: TDT, TNT and GTS/BKN: 9Life 7flix 7food network (upcoming) WIN Griffith/Eastern South Australia: 9Life 7flix 7food network (upcoming) 7TWO moved to 62 instead of 66 (WIN are stupid) Ten Metro: Maybe a Sky News on Ten? MDV and WDT: 9Life (of course) VAST (non-WA): Southern Cross needs 7flix and 7food network Imparja needs 9Life SBS needs SBS Viceland HD Prime7: 7flix 7food network (upcoming)
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