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  1. For Sale, a pair of classic Wharfdale speakers (comes with speaker cables) Wharfdale 435 belong to the performance series from Wharfdale. These are classic British speakers with Wharfedale’s patented MFHP2 cone material for the bass drivers, and 12-mm aluminium metal dome tweeters with high-end response greater than 25-kHz. The Model 435 was a high end design with bass-reflex enclosure for audiophile quality sound. These speakers have served me well and are now looking for a new home. They come with speaker cables and can be just plugged into an amplifier to create a g
  2. The Vincent Pho-8 hardly needs any introduction. It is one of the best phono stages in the market in it's price range. Sounds as good as much more expensive phono stages with numerous positive reviews on the internet. I would describe the sound as "Vivid and Dimensional" It works with both MM and MC cartridges. The preamp is in excellent condition and runs without any issue. Specifications: MM and MC phono preamplifier Front panel MM/MC switch Separate chassis for power supply and phono stage High-quality parts One pair of RCA inputs pl
  3. Turntable is in excellent condition and comes with brand new AT95EX high-performance cartridge (premounted to headshell). I used cartridge from my previous turntable hence this cartridge has never been used. Switchable phono stage makes it ideal for plug and play. This is a direct-drive turntable with improved stabilisation and adjustable feet. USB output Included dust cover and mounting hardware What Hifi Review: https://www.whathifi.com/au/audio-technica/lp5/review Photos:
  4. The speakers are well loved and in excellent condition. I have owned them for about 2 years now and enjoyed thoroughly. The sound is bold, spacious and rhythmic with excellent soundstage. Comes in original box. What Hifi review: https://www.whathifi.com/au/dali/opticon-6/review Photos:
  5. @GaryT I totally agree, the soundstage is so wide and staging of instruments is excellent. I bet the opticon 8 is even more spacious and deep. I used it with 40 w per channel amp and they sound excellent.
  6. For sale, the pride and joy of my journey into musical nirvana, Dali Opticon 6. These are some of the most musical speakers around at this price range. You can listen to them for hours without getting fatigued. Excellent companion to my Naim amplifier. The sound is bold, spacious, rhythmic and plain old exciting. I bought it in April last year and very well looked after. Looking for a good home. DALI OPTICON 6 SPECS Product series OPTICON Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 49 - 32,000
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