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  1. Thanks for the info, Dale. I am out most of the day so I will not get to digest this till much later today. Talk soon, Peter
  2. Thanks, Dale. I will need to read up on what is required to run fibre and whether it is viable/cost effective over such a short distance. The NBN modem and my router are on the same shelf near each other. Some homework is in order ?.
  3. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the internal SSD, especially with ethernet cables into a router, etc.. One for a rainy day ? I've got four Orea under the Altair G1, as well. I think they are a good product. I think I have developed a hifi philosophy that I've seen postulated a few times - Everything Matters. A tweak might only provide 0.5% improvement in SQ on it's own (and be basically inaudible) but if you keep tweaking you can get a cumulative effect and that all might add up to a 5% improvement in SQ. And, as long as you are not bre
  4. Certainly worth a try when I have the old MacMini to use as a dedicated music server. It is a quad-core i7 with 16GB RAM so it will have plenty of grunt. I can get away with that, headless, in the dining room. Thanks. Room modes can be a pain. I acquired a Phyics degree in my dim distant past so I am aware of why they are formed, etc. REW Room Sim (last tab in REW) is the easiest way I've found to "visualise" them and apply some trial PEQ without doing sound sweeps, etc. It allows you to input room dimensions, speakers distances/height from walls/floor, li
  5. Hi, Dale. This could be something worth trying, for sure. One of the issues I have is that the room with the router has recently returned to duties as a formal dining room and not having a MacBook Pro sitting around on the end of the sideboard is one of the reasons I used to rationalise the purchase of the G1 with internal storage with my wife ?. The Telsa core of the G1 seems to handle, even DSD 256, without issues. I also made a mistake when I mentioned the model of the MacBook Pro. It is a mid 2010 and it doesn't play nicely if you close the lid completely whilst using it, even
  6. Thanks, Dale and Terry. The Altair G1 is proving to be a fine streamer/dac for sure. Since Qobuz is now available legally in Aus, I just signed up for a free month trial to give it a whirl. I am liking what I hear. The Altair's streaming capabilities seem to be very good via WiFi. I listened to Youn Sun Mah - Same Girl - on Qobuz yesterday and the SQ is as impressive as her voice. I also somehow dug up a NZ singer, Nadia Reid - Out Of My Province - and she has a fantastic voice which the G1/my system portrays very well. The Altair G1 also seems to shine repro
  7. Have you considered running fibre? Hmm, you might find many have experienced that ethernet cable and fibre is better than wifi. Hi Dale. Thanks for your thoughts. In the end, I ended picking up an “as new” Altair G1 fitted with an internal 2TB SSD, and all my music files now reside there, so no need for WiFi or Ethernet, at the moment. It is sounding really good, so I will probably rest on my laurels for the moment ?. Fibre is an interesting consideration, but I'll see how I go with this setup for a while. Take care. Regards,
  8. Audio Engine A2 desktop powered speakers (NB: Original model not newer A2+) I’ve bought these as my first “serious” desktop computer music speakers. I think it was in 2008 or 2009? They were very highly regarded and garnered many favourable reviews at the time. https://www.stereophile.com/content/audioengine-2-powered-loudspeaker-audioengine-a2 …When Robert J. Reina reviewed the Audioengine A2 powered loudspeaker in the December 2007 issue, he concluded, "I have never been more impressed with or more stunned by a component I've reviewed for Stereophile than I was wi
  9. You have responded to the private message, I, the seller, sent to you. I think Steve was just suggesting you pm me, since there was no public reply to your offer, but I chose to reply to you privately by pm. I paid $180 for each pair and I can’t find them cheaper anywhere that I’ve searched. Where can you get them for $150 new, including delivery?
  10. Very prescient of you, Snoop! I auditioned the Altair G1 at a local hifi shop in Melbourne on Wednesday morning. I knew they also sold PMC speakers and, luckily, they were able to use the same speakers as I have at home during the audition. It was obvious from the first song that the G1 was a step up in class from the CXN and playing other songs that I am very familiar with, reinforced this clearly. The music seemed less "forced", there was a better sense of instrument separation and a more expansive soundstage, and, bass had greater solidity and I could follow bass lines
  11. Further information: I bought both these pairs, new, from a Melbourne HiFi dealer and they sounded very good in my system. Neutral and detailed. Chord make well-regarded, high quality cables. I have since changed from a pre/power combo to an integrated amp and am now using XLR's, so these are no longer required. Price is for both pairs including postage. I will cut the price of postage off a local pickup sale of both pairs. If you are only interested in one pair, message me and I will keep you in mind if there is not a single buyer for both pairs. RRP $200 per
  12. Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. And yes, I focusing on the internal SSD in the G1 is the way to go.
  13. Thanks. I am aware of plenty of powered HHD's but I haven’t been able to find a powered SSD? Is there such a beast? And does it really matter... ?
  14. Thanks for your assistance, Snoop. I am hopefully auditioning the G1 on Wednesday morning, so, as you say, I may very well be a happy chappy - end of story. Point of clarification, though. When you talk about a “powered USB hub” do you mean the NUC or something different. If something different, can you give me a specific example or link? Muddying the waters further, I am planning to upgrade my late 2012 Mac Mini to the latest Mini with an M1 core, so I will have the older Mini floating that could be used as a dedicated music server running Audirvana as a “NAS”
  15. Alright. Riddle me this, Batman… If using an external, bus-powered USB 3.0 SSD as a music files source, plugged directly into a component such as the Altair G1 (or CXN V1 for that matter), is less than optimal because the external device is pulling power from the host device and injecting EMI noise (as per the assertion in a previous comment), is there such a thing as a powered USB hub that will completely power the SSD and result in data ONLY being fed into the Altair G1? Or, alternatively, using the same type of setup to externally power an SSD plugged dir
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