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  1. Hello! Welcome, I'm in Harvey, just down the road as well! I'm definitely just a beginner and have limited gear (lack of money, ugh) but I make do Have fun!
  2. Hi Jon, Thanks for your reply - where would I find this group? Penny
  3. This is where you lost me 😂 Can't wait to hear back 😀
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Thanks Roman, I should have a car within the near future so will be able to be more flexible with travel Have been reading all the previous posts in this thread RE GTG's and I am definitely a BEGINNER at best! All the technicalities of how each bit of hardware interacts and its effects on outputs and inputs etc is really fascinating to me! Thanks for the great read, WA. Penny
  5. Hi there, I have only just found these forums within the last few days and can I just say how happy I am that we have such a great local/Australian community! I live near Harvey and collect vinyl - does anybody know of anything happening any time in the future? Penny
  6. Oh, I'm new to these forums, this game seems fun - 'Blink 182 - Does My Breath Smell?
  7. May I please ask - did you make a decision on what to get for old mate next door? The only reason why I ask is because I need to purchase an entry level turntable within the next month or so and so far am liking the look of the Pioneer PL-30. They're just under $500 brand new (recently discounted from ~$600) and I'm quite attracted to it's fully automatic operation. I was also looking at the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cart for around the same price. Am interested in what you guys decide!
  8. Ohh I love going to Op-Shops and have found a few records that are probably worthless in the grand scheme of things, but to me they're GEMS .. None would have been over $1-$3 The Doors - Other Voices (The one where Jim Morrison is dead...) Dusty Springfield - A Girl Called Dusty (Only 10 tracks, not 12 like the original.) Black Sabbath - Vol 4 (Complete with double-page spread full cover insert. with Vertigo swirly label on disc. Sleeve has HEAPS of damage, but everything else is sweet) Slim Dusty - The Slim Dusty Movie (2x LPs, definitely brings some nostalgic vibes) But so far, my absolute FAVOURITE find has got to be one that I found at the local dump and cost me NOTHING! It was in amongst a whole bunch of other rubbish records (Humperdink, Claydermann, you know... the usual easy listening country stuff at op-shops etc): The Will Upson Big Band - A Tribute To The Embassy Ballroom This particular one caught my eye - it was in a sleeve and looked in pretty good condish - cover is black with foil accents on the writing and after a wipe it looks just like new. The vinyl itself was in incredible condition. Quadruple gatefold sleeve. Limited pressing to 2000. Includes A4 letter from Will Upson that has a watermark - letter looks to be typed on a typewriter or something because there is a correction on my copy using white-out. Listened to it and it's honestly one of my FAVOURITE ALBUMS EVER. I would have loved to be around back in the prime of the Embassy Ballroom (Perth, WA). Just awesome big-band jazzy fun. I love this song, Rum and Coca-Cola. Cheers Penny
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