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  1. Even though i don't own a pair yet,i went and listened to the 25.24 hooked up to a musical fidelity m5si amp and they were very impressive. Now i just need to wait until i get my xmas bonus cheque.
  2. Thank you Irek.I totally forgot about Osborn speakers,i once many moons ago listened to a set of his speakers at some hifi show and was quite impressed.Again thanks for reminding me,like i said in my intro i have been out of the scene for too long.
  3. Thank you snoopy8,yes back in and hopefully i will have something by xmas. Need to find some spare time and hit the stores,here in Melbourne to do auditioning and get some more advice.
  4. Greetings to all. Here is my back story,and hopefully it will not bore the hell out of you all. I have always had a huge love for music and Hifi gear in general,in fact the last time i went through my record collection (which was a long time ago) i counted over 2,500 chunks of vinyl and then there is also heaps of Cd's.I have also been lucky enough or unlucky (still not sure myself) to own the following gear. 1.Audiolab 8000c and 8000p ....good but clinical me thinks? 2.old spendor sp2 speakers,then went to mission 753's, jamo 507's in a home theater set up and so on. 3.Rega B3 and a lin lp12 that i still have and i think are both still working.Everything in still in storage. And finally a marantz cd 72 mkii se cd player, plus other stuff which i wont bore you all with. This i think was the last peace of good,or at least good back in the day gear i bought, now all 20 plus years old. So like my title says, IT'S BEEN TO LONG....... to be without some decent audio gear. Now after a long hiatus (due to other commitments) i am ready to go down the rabbit hole again.Looking to get my first valve amp as the bedrock for my new system possibly, the primaluna dialogue premium integrated amplifier then add speakers (looking at focal as a brand) and so on. Thus this is why i am here,because I've been out of the hifi world for to long and the old grey mater is not what it use to be,and any and all advice would greatly appreciate. I'm looking forward to having Many a chat with all forum members. Regards and all the best jimbo.
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