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  1. I have a BIC discount card at BIC camera in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. They also have an extensive CD section one of the many floored stores they have... Apart from all the others listed. I go to Japan yearly mainly for camera and Karate related stuff but also for lp, cd, etc shopping... Enjoy, it's the bomb over there.
  2. Love Micro Seiki, but that's just my opinion...
  3. Oh, sorry to hear you had a not so good experience with Dr Sound. He fixed my TT, my sansui 555a and refoamed some speakers... I've never had any problems...
  4. I have this one... not sure which one it is lol... but it's pretty flimsy hahaha
  5. I was at a SACD invitational when I worked for Yamaha music a long long long time ago, to be honest back then I couldn't tell the difference either in their demo system, but at home on my system there is a definite diff
  6. Great topic starter btw... personally I'd go and spend $600 on a very decent vintage TT myself... I've bought, sold, re bought and re sold several TTs in my life, and for my ears anyway nothing beat an old vintage TT on a sold wood plinth... and just while everyone is arguing about better sounds etc. I have several "albums" of the exact same in vinyl, CD, and SACD... once again to "my" ears nothing beats the SACD... but each to their own...
  7. Just thought I'd share my simple but sweet listening room gear... TT and speakers not in pic, but recapped 555a with modded bdp83... What's playing? Level 42 World Machine on CD preceded by Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon SACD... aaahhh life is good when you have music surrounding you! 1545461147859
  8. I just happen to have access to a NAD 3020... it's sitting in a cupboard at my mother's place, I'm just trying to convince her partner to part with it...
  9. Only because I'm biased, BUT... any 1970s Sansui will sound great... there's a few bargains around. I run an au555a and an au2900 both sound superb playing my vinyls and with my oppo playing sacds...
  10. http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=p651009209 Or this one in Japan too - for about $20
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