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  1. In my opinion the opposite is true.. it just highlights how bad the source material often is .. (especially since the loudness wars kicked off)
  2. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/health/health-advice/a559784/hearing-loss-ageing-ears/ close enough to 50% that we're now quibbling about small change ...
  3. Actually the "real life" example of my post was read on this very same forum less than 2 hours ago.. It blew my mind so much I had to go have a giggle.
  4. No but we need them to release the equivalent to the "connect" protocols.. ie Spotify/Tidal connect.
  5. audiophile: (noun). A 50 year old+ white male with 50% hearing fidelity loss who will tell you with a straight face that swapping out the fuse on the CD player they paid $5,000 for noticeably improves the bass and mids. if it's not about the music, it's an unhealthy obsessive disorder spending larger amounts of money to chase non existent gains. pretty much how I feel about it.
  6. To be fair , Darko is all about Hi-fi for people who are not very computer literate, so he is probably making the point (without me having seen it) that plugging stuff into the headphone ports of computers is a very bad idea and you're much better off with an external dac to get decent audio.
  7. AAC is actually a really good codec and so the improvements may be marginal unless you have resolving gear..
  8. Yep lossless/hires active on my iPhone and iMac.. not tried my iPad or Apple TV yet
  9. real world performance almost never matches the specs.. LDAC promises 900kbps but falls off to 600kbps and then 300kbps very very quickly with any kind of mild obstructions between sender and receiver.
  10. How on earth is it a fail? it's bluetooth - which does not have the bandwidth to support lossless .. It's hardly Apple's fault.
  11. my bass is tight just looking at that...
  12. I thought they already did iTunes Matching with their "Masters Quality" collection and have done so for a while.. strange... Oh well.. This severely limits its appeal for me, but as I'm paying for it at the moment it's neither here nor there.. most of my streaming is on the go, so anything above CD quality is out of the question.
  13. Why would you want to do this? I already pass Apple Music through to my external DAC/AMP on my desktop. And you can do that through any iOS device right now through a lighting to USB dongle.
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