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  1. No room correction but it does have 4 digital filter options as well as a usefully detailed band equaliser function.
  2. Wish you hours of enjoyment with your new NAD. Just a note on the Auralic. Using an Aries G1 since December. Readily available in Oz now as there is a local distributor. Excellent app interface (though Apple only). Works with UPnP but not as graphical. Has " improved" the sound of my DAC compared to the feed of the same tracks from my CD transport..
  3. Auralic now has as Australian distributor and is readily available. Got mine at Douglas Hi Fi (excellent service and advice) during Black Friday 20% off RRP promotion.
  4. Lovely detailed but warm sounding DAC. Mine has a new lease on life with the addition of a new Auralic streaming front end. Never sounded better. GLWTS.
  5. Just got my new Aries G1 running. Excellent file format compatibility .and cue sheet integration. The app is miles ahead of generic UPnP/DLNA ones. Had really improved the sound of my 10Y old DAC. More "air" and definition on tracks compared to the same on CD or via computer USB. Was considering upgrading my DAC but there seems no need to now as it sounds like a brand new device.
  6. Excellent deal. Put me on the wait list if the does not go through. I can pick it up locally. Cheers
  7. Cambridge CNX streamer clean but unremarkable sound. Easy to use App. Primare SC15 more musical sound and better soundstage. New Auralic Altair more detail than the others but not fatiging. Best app of the three and able to use UPnP.
  8. Curious whether you sourced the Aries locally. I'm looking at this & the Aurender & Lumin.
  9. Still awaiting a reply to my message.
  10. Thats a nice rig to take to work. You must be the envy of the office. GLWTS.
  11. If you don't mind the detour question, just wondering where you got the Aries from, I'm looking at this also. Thanks GLWTS
  12. Hi there. Just wondering if this unit also includes the DAC. Thanks
  13. Great to see the whole classic setup. I still have my 3020. Something to pass into the kids...GLTWS.
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