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  1. No problems with my purchases. All arrived in the described condition. But beware the extra costs of 17% buyers premium and sometimes high handling/postage costs.
  2. Bones2

    SOLD: FS: Tag McLaren 60i Amplifier

    I've got an Audiolab 8000s on which this unit was based, I believe. Should have ample power.
  3. Hi FC Does the BD 32 MK2 come with the wi fi dongle for network connection. Have you tried using a UPNP control app to send music to the player i.e. from a NAS drive or from an attahced USB. I my be interested to use this as a streamer for my music files. Thanks
  4. Bones2


    A true legend. Is it true you can cook an egg on it......
  5. Listened with Audeze2. Found the sound got muddy in the mid highs with complex music passages. For SE found the Burson Soloist better. Schitt much improved with balanced use though.
  6. New Sony 1000XM3 appear to have the most effective noise cancelling. Better than Bose QC. Reasonable neutral sound signiature.
  7. Felt effortless driving Focal Elear & Auzede 2. Good space and detail. Good transient response. Plus it's a netwrok streamer too.
  8. I am happy with my Bryston DAC and am looking for a Streamer with a descent interface. Has anyone had any experience with this Streamer? Thanks