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  1. Thanks everyone - Greatly appreciate your input
  2. Hi Can someone please advise the name and contact details for the chap that refoams speakers based in Eltham / Research area Many Thanks in advance
  3. Thats what it looks like to me as well meaning only 1 screw is really providing any tension - I love the speakers , in your experience can it be fixed
  4. No it’s ok now but what is the circular pad on it Thanks Ash
  5. What speakers do you suggest - Appreciate its subjective but do Spendors have a similar sound or what brands can you suggest ! As the others said it was quite a lasting impression they made but given my budget doesn't stretch that far what brands do you personally like?
  6. Hi Blybo If still available I'd love to grab them - I'm in Balwyn Cheers
  7. Ditto - Absolutely stunning speakers and particularly on a value equation
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