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  1. Thanks for the response. How do I go about setting the frame rate to match on the X95G? Had a quick skim through the menus but couldn’t seem to locate it. Signal strength is perfect. Had no issues with the TV this replaced. Also, the issue is present while streaming Netflix and Stan from the TV (not using HDMI) so figured reception couldn’t be the culprit anyhow. The other thing I noticed is the the network channel watermark in the bottom corner doesn’t appear to be affected by the judder as per the attached video screenshot sequence. This I found wired.
  2. Further to my previous message, I can confirm this occurs across all free to air channels (no set top box being used). It also occurs while using inbuilt TV apps like Netflix or Stan. However if I switch to my Apple TV via HDMI, all content plays beautifully without any issues whatsoever. Seems strange and don’t know where to start to identify the issue. Any ideas?
  3. Hi folks, I’ve recently wall mounted a new 75” X9500G and have noticed an annoying stutter. This is only evident on free to air digital tv. HDMI sources are perfect with no stutter so I’m at a loss. Great reception nil issue with the previous tv it replaced at that location so I’m at a loss. I can’t seem to upload a clip but have instead uploaded 3 sequential frames to give an indication of what it’s actually doing. Literally ‘flicks’ for a split second every few seconds (sometimes every 3, 5, 30 seconds) without any pattern. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this? It’s damn annoying!
  4. Thanks heaps for all the replies folks and apologies re the delayed response (shift work and baby aren’t conducive to free time). Based on the above suggestions and further research, I’m currently deliberating between the JVC X7900/X9900. What are people’s opinions between the two? Are there any many real world differences to justify the price difference? Thanks again!
  5. Bugger, a TV would be the absolute last resort. Already have a 65” tv with Anthony Gallo surround setup in the living room so looking to differentiate between the two rooms. Plus, always wanted a projector so I’ll make it work somehow. Even if I have to reconfigure the media room to project lengthways against the shorter wall. Option 1: Projection against the long all would mean mounting to 2.7m high ceiling at a distance of around 2.75m (at an absolute stretch), leaving 15cm behind the unit for cables, etc. Based on that throw distance, Epson calculator shows a size of 91.9” Option 2: Projecting onto the shirt wall with a mounting distance of up to 4.2-4.3m would be possible with a max image of 137-143”. I am more than happy to go the projector route and see which perspective works best for our little family, with a view of rotating the room as a backup/alternative. Speaker interference won’t be an issue as we only have a combination of Anthony Gallo A’diva Ti and Strada 2 speakers, with a ‘little’ Tannoy Definition twin 12” sub which I recently picked up for a steal after my TR3-D died. Any alternatives to the Epson 9300? How does this compare to the BenQ X12000 which I’ve seen on special for $5,000. Hopefing to identify a few models to compare in store. Thanks again.
  6. Yeah I knew it wouldn’t be an overly big picture, though still bigger than any comparably priced TV I’m guessing. Also, having one would give me flexibility to look at an alternative layout in the future.
  7. G'day All, I've just purchased a new home and finally have the space for a media room albeit small. Being new to the media room scene, I am after advice as to what 4K projector would be recommended for a room that's 4.76m wide by 3.19m deep. At this stage, the lounge/projector will be ceiling mounted and project onto the longer wall as I think the shorter wall is too narrow for the lounge. Given the short-ish throw of just under 3 metres, what 4K projectors are recommend that would suit? It would mainly be used for movie nights and PS4 gaming. Budget is around the $5,000 mark. Apologies if I haven't provided as much detail as you might require, however I'm happy to provide any other details you might require. Thanks in advance.
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