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  1. Hey Keith, Let me know how you go with 5 Tryptix mate. I am about to do the same. I'm glad you said the Denon is going good as I've been going around in circles trying to decide on a good AVR.
  2. Yep and thanks for your valuable opinion.
  3. Hi all, I'm just wondering how I would tell if 2nd hand speakers are in good condition without listening to them. I'm grabbing some Tryptix, so they have been around for a while, Cheers, Steve
  4. Thanks bud. I wasn't even seriously thinking about going this way until I got offered 5 Tryptix for $500. Seems to be a steal. Atmos may be something down the road. What does the comment about 4ohms mean? this is all still like witchcraft to me.... Thanks again, Steve
  5. Hi all, I have the chance to pick up 5 Krix Tryptix and was wondering if they would work together as front, rear and a centre speaker. Also, if anyone could point me in the direction of an amp that would match up (not too pricey) it would be appreciated, Cheers,
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