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  1. The Lp sounds so much better than the CD version,
  2. Not sure if this qualifies for "coloured" vinyl! 😎 Actually a very good pressing, excellent reproduction.......
  3. "........................................ must be bliss!"
  4. SGR!? would savage them? If you have not heard the Duntech's how could you make such a ridiculous statement?
  5. The only horse I am on is that of experience and ownership.
  6. So then your statements and personal opinions are based on "Theory"? so what is the point you are attempting to make exactly?
  7. @kelossus when was the last time you have listened to a pair of new Duntech speakers?
  8. I guess comparing a 1978 Toyota Corolla to the current model would be redundant in that case? Of course not when you compare advancements in design and technology to two are completely different, what you can appreciate is the results in the advancement, the same with Duntech. Should the price of the new car cost the same s the 1978 one, NO! There are many design parameters used in today's Duntech designs that were an important part of the "originals" and the current manufacturers focus on the positives of the original designs . I am not trying to defend the manufacturer but simply put forward a different point of view. If one prefers to listen to a 35 year old speaker then that's fine too, there are many people out there with vintage motor vehicles that are quite happy also, but they will never perform like a new one. G
  9. Seth, I have visited this room, the walls have a velvet covering over panels of 10mm foam sheets, ceiling is about 3mtrs and 2/3rds of the floor is carpeted, so no serious "treatments"; It does sound very good indeed. Having listened to the new Princess a number of times during its development I have asked the question of price a number of times, more recently though Duntech have set a price with some change out of AUD$90,000.00 the pair.
  10. Wimbo the older I get the more I learn that the world is shrinking my friend. 😉
  11. Beatster im not getting drawn into this, I have posted an opinion, addressed the width of my brush, that’s it, I should have learnt over the years that opinions are fodder on SNA. no offence intended, I’ll leave it there.
  12. Yes well played, there is always someone........... maybe I made a widely sweeping statement without proper consideration. That said, visit my listening room and hear for yourself. G
  13. I have tried and tested every platter mat on the market, and under professional advice no mat just resting the record on the substantially heavy TT platter. The ring mat wins hands down, the detail is amazing, note clarity, bass and vocals raw and naked! Just thought I should let members know.
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