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  1. Agreed One could replicate the finish of say my Duntech Senator's in Australia after a lot of work finding a craftsman who can do it (many say they can but when put to the "acid test" they fall down). Its all a matter of what the market wants and what they are prepared to pay. If an Australian cabinet maker could replicate the finish exactly my Signature senator's would be around three time what I paid.
  2. Hi mate Contact Duntech direct and discuss with them, they may be able to help you out. There are no "kits" available to my knowledge. 👍
  3. Sorry, Every component (perhaps excluding the screws and solder) that John used to build Duntech's was imported, yes the cabinets were made in Aus and components assembled here also, though when one compares the cabinetry detail and finish of the current models to those made "back in the day" the new product is magnificently superior. I commend and congratulate you in your passion driving you to your new purchase, and hope they will give you a lifetime of pleasure.
  4. Jake These speakers were built between 1985-89, "how do I know" I just do. Apologies for my Latin typo but thanks for being so quick to point out my mistakes. G
  5. $15,000.00 for a pair of 35 year old speakers, wondering how "they sound great" as stated in the add when they admit they are "untested"? CAVEAT EMPTOR!!
  6. The Lp sounds so much better than the CD version,
  7. Not sure if this qualifies for "coloured" vinyl! 😎 Actually a very good pressing, excellent reproduction.......
  8. "........................................ must be bliss!"
  9. SGR!? would savage them? If you have not heard the Duntech's how could you make such a ridiculous statement?
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