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  1. A few spinning last evening....
  2. I have owned the CD since it was released, it is now on a shelf marked "don't bother playing these, you have the vinyl version"! with all the others.
  3. Discrepancy obtained it for me, it is an original 1988 UK release, perfect condition.
  4. IMHO worth it? yes. Though I did have a guy in Sydney come to my home after I fitted it and he set up the cartridge alignment perfectly just to make sure I was getting the best out of my rig. Noise floor drops considerable, even though I had already done a lot to address this previously the decoupler improved it even further.
  5. Blakey The Deck is Clearaudio Innovation, the arm is a Clearaudio Universal 9" with VTA adjustment, cart is Kiseki Purple Heart with Houdini cartridge decoupler. Phono stage is Pass Labs XP-17.
  6. Thanks guys, I would be totally lost without you.
  7. Link to the Bob Levi review below... https://positive-feedback.com/Issue74/kiseki_purpleheart.htm Robert H Levi (Bob Levi) is the author of "Positive Feedback" a highly respected audiopile and reviewer. Magenta Audio, wholesalers of the Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge also refer to his preferred set up on their web page. My Pass Labs XP-17 phono amp has many load settings, on my system 800 is to high. Cheers Guzzista,
  8. Andy, 450 ohms, I have not tried Bob Levi's advice to set at 800-1000ohms yet, but that does seem excessive. BTW sorry for the late reply I have been away. Cheers
  9. Kiseki, “Purple Heart” a truly amazing cartridge.
  10. First time to listen of vinyl..( 180gm remaster )...... if digital is music then analog be love!
  11. Very happy with this TT and the XP-17 Phono stage.
  12. Picked up this mint 1988 UK pressing recently...... I will never play the CD version again!
  13. Found this 33 year old extra mint condition UK pressing recently. I will never play the CD again!!!?
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