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  1. My Gustard x20 broke down few days ago so my ifi idsd black came to the rescue as an emergency replacement. Very handy allrounder DAC/amp and will be my main dac for now until I get a new DAC. Any recommendations for a balanced DAC under a grand?!
  2. I love mine too. Endgame headphone ss amp for most people.
  3. Yup I am looking for a balanced cable for the ether2 as I am really curious to see how it will sound with balanced mode. I do want to try my HD800s balanced with this amp but unfortunately that headphone is currently in my parents house. From the web I've read that the Taurus's balanced is controlled and smoother sounding compared to the more lively and dynamic sound of the single ended. Would you say this is true?
  4. Loving how Ether 2 sounds with this amp, tight/fast, well controlled and really enjoying the overall warm tone. None fatiguing, not even after 10 hours of straight listening session!
  5. Ok, so I'm still waiting for my new headphone to arrive but in the meantime, listening to my new amp and dac combo. I don't think I've heard my night owl sound this good... Ever ! So clear and wide, opens up everything. Totally transformed into a whole new headphone.
  6. Never heard of this amp but what a praise to compare this to v281. I know its bit out of the topic but I see you also have Auralic Taurus. Is it mkii? If so which do you prefer compare to v281?
  7. My 3rd New headphone system incoming! Will update with a pic soon. Bought a new headphone, new DAC, new headphone amplifier at one go(I only planned to buy a new headphone but ended up buying a whole system...) and they are all arriving in couple of days. SO EXCITED!
  8. I agree that the aeon is bit boring. I saw some reviews that aeon 2 are a much more improved version. Audeze 2,3s are also on my list if I can get over my neck pain after an hour of wearing them. Talking about the weight, ZMF worries me a little since anything over 350grams, my neck gets easily tired.
  9. Thanks, I have been thinking of getting anything Zach made from ZMF. Even the modified headphones from him. They are not easily found on the used market though ! Keeping my eye on it. Otherwise, also considering focal clears(for 2 years now haha) and maybe something from dan clark.. curious to know what the new aeon 2 sounds like.
  10. My two systems in my room and the living room area. Keeping Hd800s and night owl for the long run but sold the Hd6xx and trying to find a replacement open back..
  11. Do you have the full packaging with it?
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