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  1. thanks all, definitely need to dig a little deeper
  2. Hi there, I was looking at getting some Klipsch Heresy III, I listen to lots of rock/blues/rockabilly/soul, and heard some in Vinyl Revival (sister store to Stereophonic) in Fitzroy, Melbourne and thoroughly enjoyed their sound. They were priced at $5500 then and now I see they've gone up to $6000, Carlton AV has them at 5500) I checked the US pricing, which is 999 each (roughly 2750 at current exchange rates). Even with shipping and import tax anyone know or looked into how they can charge in excess of double the price? Since I refuse to pay that, any other suggestions for speakers in a similar vein? I currently enjoy a small system of Triangle Titus EZ, Cambridge CXA60 and Bluesound Node 2.
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