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  1. Good choice of red too, Wirra Wirra is one of my favourite wineries to visit when l make it home to Adelaide every Christmas 👍 GLWTS.
  2. Hi Ray, l have a 100c l bought last year and it is a piece that gives me pleasure every day. I first heard one with Bryston separates around 2005 and l never forgot it, although I went Rotel at the time due to finances. There is something about the way it looks that speaks to me although I appreciate that's not important to most audiophiles. I have WE values on the speaker side which seems to be the usual upgrade. I don't use the headphone circuit as l have a STAX system but l compared it to my Bryston b135 2 amp with some cheap iem and preferred it for what it's worth. I bought
  3. I have the same amp (not sure if it’s modded) with Lambda ear speakers, great for late night listening, amazing natural sound. Glwts.
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