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  1. Good choice of red too, Wirra Wirra is one of my favourite wineries to visit when l make it home to Adelaide every Christmas 👍 GLWTS.
  2. Hi Ray, l have a 100c l bought last year and it is a piece that gives me pleasure every day. I first heard one with Bryston separates around 2005 and l never forgot it, although I went Rotel at the time due to finances. There is something about the way it looks that speaks to me although I appreciate that's not important to most audiophiles. I have WE values on the speaker side which seems to be the usual upgrade. I don't use the headphone circuit as l have a STAX system but l compared it to my Bryston b135 2 amp with some cheap iem and preferred it for what it's worth. I bought mine from the heart not the head and am happy with the purchase. I may upgrade my cdp but I doubt l will sell the Shanling.
  3. I have the same amp (not sure if it’s modded) with Lambda ear speakers, great for late night listening, amazing natural sound. Glwts.
  4. I filled to 3/4 first (sand in metal stands) and felt the life was drained from the music. Emptied out back to about 1/3 and that was good. In effect it seemed you are tuning the sound with the stands. The big gain came when l isolated the speakers from the stands on a pair of Isopad-Pro8’s. The speakers are free from stand coloration and just do what they are designed to do. Probably the best bang for buck mod l have done.
  5. A bonus with the Osborn cables is if you move back to single post speakers Greg will convert the cables at no cost, which he did for me during the recent Hi Fi show. I have no opinion on whether bi-wired speakers are better than non bi-wired but do believe if you have the facility installed it should be used. If l had done it earlier l would still have my PMC's, it was the missing link that made them sing for me.
  6. Hi Glenn, I have just been through this with the same speakers and l can recommend bi-wiring. I went with Osborn datalink cables and was very happy with the result, l am sure any good quality cable would be fine. The other major improvement was isolating the speakers from my stands (non PMC) I used AVE Isopad-pro8. I also preferred grills off. If you haven't done so already, check out the PMC owners thread in Speakers. Cheers.
  7. That is a tasty trio, l would be interested in the opinions bearing in mind the valid concerns raised.
  8. Well my time as a PMC owner has come to an end for now, it was quite the learning experience I must say so I thought it worth while to pass on what I learnt in the hope that it helps someone else maximise there speakers more quickly than I managed to! I came to PMC speakers through owning a Bryston b135 2 amp and reading all the stories of what a great match Bryston and PMC are together. I bought a pair of twenty 22's from Carlton AV at their excellent runout price, living in the Canberra area there was no way to audition but at that price it was worth the risk. When I got them setup although I loved the definition of the soundstage they had some issues that made it hard to settle with them. The bass seemed undefined and bloated, the sound was thin to my ears (I have seen this mentioned in reviews) and they were brighter than I like. The bass was the easiest fix, I had to move them further into the room (than I would have preferred) away from the wall and get the toe in just right, as the book says, pointed slightly wide of my shoulders worked best for me. I was using my existing stands and I now believe these were contributing to the thin sound. I wanted to raise the speakers so that the tweeters were at ear height so did some research and found ISOPAD-PRO8 isolation pads online that would do the trick. They got the tweeters where I wanted them but the difference that isolating the speakers from the stands made amazed me. If you have bookshelf speakers and are not using the PMC stands I highly recommend some form of isolation, you don't need to spend much money and it made all the difference, they let the speakers sing and filled out the sound nicely. I was still concerned with the brightness though so thought now it is time to try bi-wiring. This is where fate kicked in and brought my PMC journey to a possibly premature end. After a month the cables had not arrived so I enquired and found due to a large influx of orders mine had been overlooked in the rush. No problem I said, hold the order for now and I would have a go at selling them. After a month on SN there was no interest so I went ahead with the cable order, and wow, if you have bi-wire speakers then please bi-wire them. As others on here have found, I can heartily recommend the Osbourn Datalink cables, they smoothed out the sound nicely and I was hearing beautiful music at last. As I so often do with cars and motorcycles, when I get something working really well I somehow end up selling it! Out of the blue I suddenly got 2 enquiries to my expired ad, one with a fair offer, so they have now moved on to a new home where I hope they give a lot of enjoyment. Yesterday I reinvested some of that money into the STAX setup that was offered by Soul Superfly, he kindly played some tunes for me on his immaculate Quad ESL-57's, what a treat! Last week end I went to Melbourne for the hi-fi show and on Sunday we went to Carlton AV for a further fix! Paul was very generous with his time with us and I got to hear the Dynaudio Special 40's (which I expected to blow me away) head to head with the PMC Twenty5.22's. Although my Dyn owning friend preferred the Special 40's I was very impressed with the 5.22's and could be tempted back by them in the future Cheers Glenn.
  9. Maybe, this site is constantly tempting me, l constantly see stuff here l would like to try! I have had the same speakers for 35 years which l won’t let go for sentimental reasons so l am hoping to rotate another set through and experience some of the other flavours of hifi along the way. Not worried if they don’t go, l will grab some bi-wire cables next, l am enjoying the tinkering.
  10. Item: PMC TWENTY 22 SPEAKERS Location: Queanbeyan NSW Price: $2200 Item Condition: As new 10/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal, COD, Funds transfer Only Extra Info: These speakers were purchased new by me in February this year. They come with all accessories and I have the original box so happy to post at cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. How come you guy’s have not switched to decaf? l buy fresh beans and grind as required, l really enjoy the ritual of making a coffee in my stovetop espresso each afternoon after work after drinking tea all day. A caffeinated coffee wrecks me that night so it is very occasional for me these days, usually a Saturday treat. l did lash out and buy some geisha coffee after hearing a pod cast with the ceo of Campos Coffee on a QANTAS flight coming back from Adelaide last Christmas, it is exquisite and well worth trying.
  12. I used Bunnings kid safe sand and initially filled the front column to about 3/4. To my ears this deadened the speakers too much, removed sand to 1/3 height and very happy with the results.
  13. Hi DMAX, l am interested in the Clearday cables and the Osbourne RCA,s. PM sent. Cheers Glenn
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