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  1. Assuming a plasterboard ceiling I'd go in-ceilings given your needs and application. Neat, trouble free, and should keep the sound constricted to the area in question enough. Plenty of brands and price-points to choose from.
  2. The New NAD M33 is due out in June - Newer amplifier with new Purifi amp Technology and a bit more power - no storage like the M50.2 but i have a NAS drive with all my music on anyway.
  3. will update the pictures later tonight when i get home sorry - images where poor quality - 7pm will be fixed Uploaded now.
  4. Further information: NAD M32 - DirectDigital integrated amplifier 2 x 150w, with Modular Design Construction for future upgrade path. All digital inputs are asynchronous, with 24/192 capability. With BLUOS MDC v2i & HDMI Card installed. Cost New with cards ($8297.00) NAD M50.2 - Digital Music Player - BluOS-enabled streaming music player / CD player / Music Server / Ripper / NAS, with full support of 24-bit/192kHz & MQA files. Digital output only – connect to DAC or amplifier with premium DAC stage. Storage: internal RAID of 2 x 2TB hard drives. Cost New ($6999.00). Shipping cost dependent on area for delivery - all in original boxes with all accessories Will split the units to sell separate if wanted. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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