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  1. There isn't enough discussion about cheese in my life. So I've set up a small Facebook group to remedy that. Not flogging anything, just sharing the love .... of cheese. Come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/melbournecheesehunters
  2. Item: 43" TV Price Range: $300-500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Needed for a secondary setup Must have Optical Out Melbourne only (prefer inner west) Prefer Samsung/Sony/LG type brands Cannot be wider than 96cm. Must have remote.
  3. I'm in Melbourne and generally buy fish (inc Barramundi) from the Victoria Markets in the CBD.
  4. These all look great. Am in the market for something like this. Most that I see online look like they're perfect for single LPs, but not double LPs or gatefold - groove not wide enough
  5. It does, thank-you. I'm pleased with the discussion this has generated. Listener fatigue is something I keep reading about in reviews so was curious to explore a bit further. In my very limited experience I can sense a difference in how certain setups sound at higher volumes, and can definitely imagine being able to tolerate some for longer periods more than others. (Not that I'm blasting away at super high volumes for extended periods anymore - I'm more trying to enjoy the tunes at more moderate volumes, with the occasional blast for good measure or when the music really calls for it)
  6. It's more of a conceptual question. I keep reading reviews that say amp X can be listened to for hours without listener fatigue. So I'm looking to learn more about that (please and thank you)
  7. What does one look for in an amp to minimise listener fatigue?
  8. Totally appreciate that. Looking forward to auditioning so I can hear for myself.
  9. I suppose the "need" for Bluetooth and Optical in the amp was perhaps from earlier on where I was thinking to have more an all-in-one solution which would allow me to eliminate the external DAC. My thinking (and budget) has evolved somewhat over the past couple of weeks, thanks to the input from various folk here on the forum. I'm still not decided on the final solution. It could well be New Integrated amp + streamer (Bluesound Node 2i) New integrated amp which has the BluOs built in (eg NAD) I've just started reading about pre/power amp setups, which definitely sounds i
  10. If it helps provide any additional context, attached is a diagram of my current setup for reference.
  11. Yes, have seen these around. Look good Pardon the seemingly obvious question... In the picture in my original post, you can see that the recommended amplifier for these speakers is 40-100 watts. So if I were to get an amp with more than 100 watts, I'd blow the speakers? How close to the upper limit can you safely go? (I'm not looking for super wattage, more curious than anything else)
  12. Interesting, Had never come across this brand and have just been reading up on them. Thank-you
  13. This may be a silly question, but am I likely to be hearing the proverbial "night and day" difference between my current Onkyo A-9030 and the (presumably) new $2000-2500 amp?
  14. Thankfully this is not a stressful or rushed purchase for me. And yeah, am enjoying the process. I expect that once I get the next amp, that will do me for quite some time. Having said that I have seen many similar posts on this forum that prove to be wishful thinking 😁😁
  15. Agreed. Am planning to audition a few units over the next couple of weeks. I expect this will reveal way more than all of my online research...
  16. It's interesting. I paid something like $220 for my Onkyo A-9030 a couple of years ago. I honestly thought that it would be very easy to spend a little more and get something that would wipe the floor with it. Seems a lot of comments across various platforms is that it's not so bad. (Hence my original post I suppose). Am under no illusions though, there are of course many that are better. Am giving a lot of thought to extending the budget to maybe $2000-2500...
  17. The CXA81 does look good. It's definitely a rabbit hole... just spend that "little" but more... and the options become very interesting indeed. This NAD C388 looks very nice(especially with the option for the BluOS module), as does this Marantz PM7000N,
  18. Thanks.. The Yamaha looks lovely, and that's without the specs..
  19. Missed your post. Damn. Thanks all the same. That LEAK is gorgeous! Fair enough @Irek. What's the $$ threshold to take the next step?
  20. Thanks for your feedback. Lots to think about here. Out of curiosity I've been trying to look up anything to confirm that a new DAC like the Modi is better than an old DACMAGIC. The best I could find was that if you had to buy new today, the Modi represents far better value for money, but replacing one with the other would not give much improvement. I'm new at this so don't know any better, but found that interesting. Keen to explore this further. I've come to agree that a new integrated amp would perhaps be a good investment of $$, and am researching this accordingly.
  21. Seeking recommendations for an integrated amp to drive my Whatmough P25 speakers. Must have Bluetooth and 2 x Optical In. Budget: $2k (ish) Upgrading from Onkyo A-9030
  22. I've got a Cambridge Audio DacMagic (not the plus). Ideally I'd prefer to have one component fewer in my setup. How much does one need to spend on an integrated amp to get an internal DAC that at least equals the DacMagic?
  23. Interesting. Not heard of Quad before - enjoying reading about them. Nice looking units!
  24. Since my original post I have also come to this conclusion.. The fact that I can achieve my A/V requirements via Optical In, has led me to move more towards the idea of an integrated amp. So yes. ~$1500 integrated amp. 2 x Optical In, and Bluetooth. That's where I'm at currently.
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