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  1. Yep. That's the plan for this weekend. I'm very curious to see how it sounds.
  2. Interesting. When setting things up earlier I had the volume on the TV turned down to zero, and only had sound coming through my 2.0 floorstanding speakers. No delay, but need to give it a proper test to see how it all sounds over the course of a song/film
  3. Will try that and see how it goes. And yes, that OPPO you linked to earlier looks very nice
  4. THIS. This was the trick... Thank-you. I've had some success. I found an old DacMagic. Ran an Optical cable from the TV to the DAC, and RCA from the DAC into my integrated amp.. So now with the HDMI going direct from my DVD/BD player into the TV, and the new - I've got sound and vision from the disc player - and am delighted! PRO: I didn't have to buy anything to make it all work CON: Too many components (Amp, CD player, DVD/BD Player / DAC) - When I eventually upgrade, I can reduce 4 into 2. WEIRD: As a bit of a test, I played the same album on the CD and Blu-Ray audio at the same time, switching between inputs on the amp to see if there was a difference... There was a significant difference in favor of the Blu-Ray. Perhaps not surprising given that BD has way more data than CD. But the weird thing for me was that the CD has a direct connection to the Amp by RCA cable. BD audio has a much longer path: BD to TV via HDMI, then TV to DAC, then amp... Much longer path yet sounded significantly better to the CD. This seems odd to me - is this an unusual outcome? Am I missing something? If my inexpensive Panasonic BD sounds better the supposedly decent CD Player (Marantz CD5004), does the CD player have a place in my setup?
  5. Thank-you. Upon reflection I think I need to broaden the scope of my requirements here, which will likely impact how I proceed
  6. You're right, THIS is what I've got: https://www.intl.onkyo.com/products/hi-fi_components/amplifiers/a-9030/rear.html No HDMI anything...
  7. I have my CD player hooked up to my integrated amplifier - works great. I'd like to add a DVD player & TV into the system. As I don't have a AV receiver, and only a 2.0 speaker setup, I would like to see if I can stick with my integrated amp. In order to have the sound from the DVD player go through the amp, and the picture go to the TV, is a HDMI splitter the item I need?
  8. Item: Whatmough Synergy 2 series 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers (5 x satellite and 1 x powered sub-woofer) Location: Footscray, 3011, Victoria Price: $500 Item Condition: Very good condition. There are some surface marks on some of the speakers, and you can see a small mark on the front grille of the subwoofer - refer pics. Excellent performance. For the money I think these are a steal (yes, am obviously biased here). Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Excellent sound and thundering, yet clean,bass... there have been a delight to use. Worth well over $2000 when new. Please look at the photos to see specifications. Kordz Subwoofer cable included. I am unable to demo as I've sold my surround amp. Depending on where in Melbourne you are I may be able to come to you.. Relist as previous sale fell through at the last moment. References: http://www.digitalreviews.net/news/industry-news/what-a-coincidence-whatmough-synergy2-speakers.html http://www.bettercomputers.com.au/whatmough-synergy-2-series-5.1-home-theatre-speakers.html Pictures:
  9. Hehe... I was thinking the same... Yet I keep looking 🙂
  10. A huge thank-you to all who have replied to this thread. In the 3-4 weeks since I posted it I've learned a lot... and realised I have a hell of a long way to go. A few things have changed since I first posted and the funds for the full planned rig are still a while away... so I went for the super budget option so I could have at least something to play my music on. This is what I ended up getting: - Turntable: Pioneer PL514A ($220) - Amp: Onkyo A-9030 ($200) - CD Player: Marantz CD5004 ($220) - DAC: Cambridge Audio DacMagic ($140) - Speakers: Using the satellites from the Whatmough 5.1 set I'm trying to sell through the classifieds ($0) ( in case anyone is interested) So for $780 I've got myself an entry level system that to my untrained ears, sounds awesome. I'm sure the tinkering (and the Sonos/Bluesound addition) will come in time. This is not what I had planned, but am very happy with the outcome. Thanks again. I look forward to continue with the learning - and more importantly, listening! The big lesson to me was not to spend so much time reading about models and specs and to actually do some listening. Yes, in this case I only had brief demos of the devices when I bought them - but it was enough to know that I'd be happy for now. Whenever upgrade time comes around I'll have a better idea of my baseline for when I'm demo-ing gear. How good are the classifieds here? Cheers
  11. I've just moved back to Melbourne after a couple of years in the UK. I shipped back my Panasonic TV, only to find out that it won't tune to the Australian free to air channels. Panasonic have confirmed this is the case.. So annoying. So it seems I need a set top box of some sort.. I only want something that will allow me to watch free to air TV. No need for recording or access to Stan etc. Will one of the cheapy models from JB Hifi / Harvey Norman etc be sufficient here?
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