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  1. Using XLR as AES/EBU I've recently upgraded to Mike's Foilflex balanced XLRs and a pair of speaker cables - totally delighted! In chatting with Mike I asked if he had any recommendations for an AES / EBU cable - I had been using a Benchmark Media cable. He offered to send me one of his XLRs to see how it went. After about 80 hours I had decided it didn't seem to be working and was ready to send it back. After another day or so I sat down with my 'golden ears' wife and we spent some time doing A B tests. While initially not large, there were clear differences. Increased and more detai
  2. Further information: Bought new from miniDSP September 2016. It has been an integral part of my system until recently and provides a serious upgrade for the money. Highly recommended. It has been upgraded to Dirac 2.0 and includes the supplied remote. Also included is a bound set of printed instructions. I now use Roon convolution instead which reduced the box count. Please note: The price does not include the calibrated Umik-1 microphone. These are easily available but happy to talk about it. You will have to change over the licence but that is apparently
  3. Further information: Linn's highly regarded CD player, AM/FM tuner, integrated amplifier. 75 W per channel into 4 ohms. Head phone socket, 4 inputs and pre-amp out. Add say, a Bluesound Node 2i, a couple of bookshelves or smaller floor standers and have an excellent system that still makes really great music. Dimensions 80mm x 320mm x 325mm Weight 6kg It was purchased new in 2001 and gave faithful service for many years. I recently had it checked over by the local Linn dealer and it is still working as well as ever. The remote is only about 10 years o
  4. Further information: Schiit Freya balanced pre-amp - does passive, active (JFET) and tube (4x 6SN7). Bought in January 2018 from Addicted to Audio. Was in daily use in my system until February this year but after some system changes is no longer required. The tubes haven't done a lot of work as JFET mode suited my amp better. Advice from Schiit (as I understand it) is that running in passive or JFET modes with tubes removed is causes no problems. I added spacers to raise the tubes above the body of the Freya which helped to run it much cooler. These are
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