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  1. Thanks peoples, i have bought an Ortofon 2M Bronze so am waiting for that to arrive, along with some tonearm spacers as well.
  2. 2nd hand, otherwise I’d return it.
  3. I bought a new to me Rega P3 today with Elys 2, started playing when I got home and noticed a slight offset in the sound between the speakers. So I had a closer look at the stylus and the body seems to sit very close to the record, please see picture. Does this seem right or does it look damaged (pushed up). Could this be offsetting the sound? Comparing to my previous tt with ortofon 2m red, this is sitting a lot lower. The alignment seems pretty spot on.
  4. So i went around to Ihearmusic house with my amp and had a little play on his setup. Turns out one of the tubes was stuffed so switched in a couple Stephan had lying around and presto, sounded a lot better! Have just ordered some Gold Lion KT77's. See how we go on my quest now! Have to say that Stephan was an absolute gentleman in letting me come around and giving his time to help me out, plugging my amp into his setup for demo and his electronic knowledge is amazing. Would highly recommend listening to what Ihearmusic has to say in the future.
  5. Thanks guys keep the comments coming. If the heater in the valve is not working, what might typical characteristics be?
  6. Yes still have the pre amp tubes from the pics your referring to. The seller also gave me the tubes that came with it, so I figured I would try the setup as was when new.
  7. this is giving me hope! I did notice the voices were slightly offset one way from centre, so I had a look at the output tubes and noticed that one wasn’t glowing as much as the others and it wasn’t hot, I could touch it no worries the others I couldn’t. So I switched it with one from the other channel and the voice offset moved with it! Maybe the tubes are stuffed!
  8. I dont think its speaker placement as they havent moved since my previous amp. Ihearmusic pm'd
  9. So I have had a few days listening now to my new to me Weston acoustics topaz el34 integrated amp. The highs and mids are amazing, truely amazing. The bass on the other hand is just not there at all. With rock it’s like it’s been recorded in another room, it’s really quiet. Ive read that tube amps tend to lack in the bass compared to ss but I didn’t think it would be this dramatic. So this leads me to think/hope that without knowing the age or the life of the current tubes that some rolling might be needed? So I’m looking for some ideas/help in what tubes might be rolled in to enhance the bass side of things?? Pre amp or output tubes? Rectifier? Previous amp was a Musical Fidelity A3. Current setup; Klipsch RP6000f speakers, Project debut with ortofon 2m red, Rega Fono MM mk3 phono stage.) Thankyou Current tubes are; Rectifier-Cetron 5R4WGB, Pre amp- tungsol 6sl7 gt, output- 6CA7EH. i should note that I’m not looking for full on bass just an even mix of highs, mids, and bass.
  10. Well my phono stage just arrived and wow, The sound is amazing! Got a Rega Fono MM mk3.
  11. Thanks for the discussion peoples. It came with a manual but there’s no mention of the switch. The previous owner said they left the rear switch on and used the front top switch as the on/off.
  12. I’m not following guys, tubes are new to me. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What should I be doing with this switch?
  13. Power switch gents. Main power switch on the back.
  14. Thanks guys, I bought the Weston topaz el34. need to buy a phono stage now!
  15. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, lots of ideas. I think an integrated amp and a seperate phone stage will have to be the go. What are people’s thoughts on something like the Vincent SV237Mk ? I know it’s a hybrid but gets rave reviews!
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