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  1. Funny that you raise the question of going Elektra or Emotiva. I was originally going to buy the Emotiva (as I hadn't heard of Elektra until coming on this forum); but upon reading many favourable review on Stereo.net.au I decided that I wanted to buy the Elektra. If i'm honest, I know very little when it comes to the technical nitty gritty and for me, both amps would be more than overkill, so I had to justify why I went the Elektra; 1. How cool is it to buy something from an Australian manufacturer? (especially when it holds a great reputation) 2. Reasonably priced in the scheme of things; worked out maybe 10-12% more to buy Elektra versus the Emotiva 3. Reputation of Elektra on here from many reputable forum regulars For some, my reasoning may be silly; but to me, I cannot wait until my unit is ready to get sent to me in Sydney. I went for the 7 Channel, as it will power my Paradigm 7 Ear Level Channels, and i'll let my Yamaha AVR do the 4 Dolby Atmos Height Channels. I rarely if ever see Elektra amps hit the second hand market, and when they do, they get snapped up quick smart! So that alone speaks volumes for the demand on the product.
  2. Hi There, As someone without the detailed technical knowledge on this subject. I have a Runco LS-3 Projector; would this be suitable? Room is 8.3 length x 5.4 wide. Projector shoots from back of room, so throw distance is approx 7.8-8 metres and projects a circa 170 cinema scope screen with the black bars. Cheers. Keegan
  3. In my circumstances, what would it take for me to be in a "hdr" appropriate situation. Reduce screen size? (by how much?) or get projector closer to wall (by what distance?). Whilst I've been watching movies on projectors in our home theatre for 15 years, it's only now I'm getting involved in the much more technical side and I feel so green so to speak. I'm the sort of person that wants someone to just say, trust me (assuming they are knowledgable) just get this xyz... If you know what I mean. Cheers
  4. Given that the X9900 can be had for under $7K nowadays; i'm interested to hear people's thoughts on it's application for my home theatre. Room is 8.3 (L) x 5.4 (W) x 3.1 (H) Metres. Current Projector: Runco LS-3 (owned since new) Image Size: 16x9 is 4 metres wide (shot straight onto a treated wall - will look to change to proper screen eventually) (works out circa 170 Inch Cinemascope in size) Projector will be placed at back of room, located 1.65m from ground (sitting atop an AV Unit), Project throw distance is circa 7.6 - 7.8 Metres. Will the unit struggle projecting such a big image? Any thoughts welcome here folks! I'd initially had my eye on the incoming N7, but with the X9900 looking very good for the money, it might allow me larger budget to do other stuff i.e. proper screen etc.
  5. Hi everyone, I need your help; from the below picture you will see the current setup (work in progress, don't mind the mis matched, speakers, short cables etc.). The Runco Projector sits atop an old IKEA Cabinet (circa 1.65 Metres High) which works about perfectly for the projector. Issue is, because the unit was designed for an Old School TV, it has a lot of wasted space in the middle. I am loving the idea of a "Hi-Fi" rack, namely somely along the lines of the Solisteel Rack https://www.selby.com.au/tv-brackets-stands/hi-fi-racks/solidsteel-s2-5-shelf-rack-black.html The issue is, these Hi-Fi Racks are only just over 1 Meter Tall. I am after a similar style, but goes up to 1.6-1.7 Metres tall. And minimum of 22-25cm spacing between each shelf. So i'm thinking it should have minimum 5 shelves and maximum 7 ish (Idealy i'd like to have the unit come with wheels, or i'll attach high quality ones to the bottom). Unit needs to house - Top Shelf (Runco Projector - like it currently sits), AV Receiver, At least 2 Amps, X Box One X, Blue Ray/DVD Player Does anyone have any off the shelf solutions? (Alternatively I can go custom, but that's a whole other process in itself so where I can avoid i'd prefer to do so). Let me know if you need any more parameters to work with. Cheers
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    Hi muckster, please check you inbox, I've made an offer. Thanks!
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    Another offer sent
  8. Hey everyone, The Audio bug has decided to bite back again; I'm 28 years old but have always been into overkill audio (relatively speaking) since I started building PC's in my middle teens and as a consequence, wanted to immerse myself in surround sound audio when gaming. At heart I'm a home theatre guy, and am in the process of bringing the family theater room up to 2018 standards (i.e. system is on the older side and running 5.1; will look to make this into a 7.2.4 over time) Current desk setup - listening when I don't need to be quiet (owned for circa 4 years) Speakers: Q Acoustics Concept 20 Amp: NAD D3020 (running USB from laptop - previously used optical from desktop computer) Sub: JL Audio DB110: new addition as of only couple of weeks ago - Current desk setup - listening when I need to be quiet DAC: Schiit Audio Bifrost AMP: Schiit Audio Lyr 2 Headphone: Sennheiser HD6XX (travel ones are ATH - M50X) Incoming: Sennheiser HD5XX Jubilee The audiophile over ear headphone game is new to me, and so far enjoying it. Once I have more time throughout the day, i'll post up pictures and go into more detail on the home theater side as I'm sure that's of interest to some people. Cheers Keegan