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  1. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    I wasnt referring to the offer potentially determining your projector choice. However, for someone on the fence, this could very well tilt the decision in favour of the Sony... Everything is a consideration
  2. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    Anyone here going to be taking advantage of Sony's offer? https://www.stereo.net.au/news/sony-4k-projector-bonus-offer-on-now
  3. minireza

    madVR settings and JVC x5900be

    I would love to learn more about madvr but I find it so daunting that I really don't want to dip my toe in it. And I can't find any video that easily explains it all to me (that's how I usually like to learn). A Sydney madvr learning meet up would be great! Haha
  4. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    Funny you mention that - I happened to stumble upon Klapp's website earlier today. The temptation is very real!! hahahah
  5. Ok cool; thank you. The material that is of most interest to me is the "Enlightor Neo", which I gather is a Screen Excellence & Seymour Screen Excellence product, versus your Centre Stage UF which I think is a Seymour AV product?? So confusing!! haha
  6. Thankyou for the quick reply. What screen material do you have? Anymore feedback is also greatly appreciated. By all accounts it seems to be the reference standard!
  7. This might be a good place to ask instead of creating a new thread; does anyone know who I should be speaking to here in Australia to look at purchasing this Seymour screen excellence screen? http://www.seymourscreenexcellence.com/Trim.asp I have emailed them direct, but have yet to receive an answer. The screen excellence, Seymour av and Seymour screen excellence company names confuse the crap out of me!
  8. @betty boop anymore feedback on your unit to report back? I've got my eye on one for when I get my new PJ. Interested to see real world thoughts now that you have had it for a few weeks. Cheers
  9. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    I viewed the LK990 off a 1.1 - 1.2 gain (from memory) and in other room had a 1.3 gain Severtson screen which was honestly stunning. Not cheap, but it was incredible. Both were AT screens (the owner wavetrain certainly knows his stuff!) Understand that a typical acoustically transparent screen is lower gain, but many can be bought with a higher gain (obviously negatives may come along with this). In the last few weeks I've seen and viewed the following; Sony 870 Sony 570 Barco balder cinemascope Benq lk990 From. 130 inch to 170 inches The one I was most impressed by was the Benq. The combination of calibration, lumagen, fantastic AT screen and beatiful nice and large cinemascope aspect, it honestly impressed me the most. It just goes to show, for these projectors to stretch their legs, it's important to have the room setup to the level these projectors deserves.
  10. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    It's funny; I'm not potentially as put off by not so perfect black levels as maybe some other people are. I've never owned a JVC, and have only ever spent proper time with a Runco LS3 (last 10 years and circa 400 movies watched on it). And my use case requires a really bright screen with large lumens to get a more desired effect; so unless I was going to a 150+ wide screen, I'd be buying a JVC. Having said that, I was genuinely blown away by the image as a whole of the BENQ. It was calibrated with a Lumagen Pro. Problem for me, is that I knew I was going down a deep dark pathway meeting with Wavetrain. His expertise in acoustics and cinema design is second to none. So much so, I really am re-thinking my strategy moving forward; I need an AT screen in my life having seen how good the image looked with the screen (and all the associated benefits having an AT Screen will afford me in my space), but that means re-designing what LCR I would put up front. But in doing an AT Screen, it would allow me to really stretch the legs of the Benq size wize. I'm talking a 4.5 - 4.8 metre wide screen. Only issue, money. Going down that path means buying Benq LK990, Lumagen, AT Screen, new LCR and i'm nigh on $40,000 in the hole (that ain't gonna happen for now). I had a 10-20K budget to put new screen and projector, but I'm not wanting to half arse it; so I either go all in, or just stay put for time being with the Runco LS-3 and just enjoy what I have...
  11. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    I've only been a member for approximately 1 or 2 months. Anytime I see your posts, it's always nit picking peoples views or experiences, and or being negative AT ALL TIMES. I obviously don't know you personally, but from your online persona (in person may be different), you strike me as someone that is just not that happy. I'm no expert, but the comparison that woofer did clearly showed an increase in detail due to resolution and not sharpness. So I don't know why you continue on this narrative about us not being able to resolve 4k. I use 3 x 4k computer monitors for 10 hours a day. Your mileage may vary, but I dare anyone to tell me you cant see the difference in a higher resolution display, be it phone, projector computer, or even my God damn screen in my car. Anywho back to 2019 projectors!
  12. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    Hahahah, I'm new to this forum; and I already understand one thing. Owen seems upset at the whole world for no apparent reason. So we may aswell just go back to standard definition, cause apprently it's not possible to see a difference in resolution.....
  13. minireza

    2019 projector releases ?

    So I saw the Benq LK990 in person today. I was very very impressed. Only thing being, having seen that projector connected with a Lumagen Pro; I was blown away! It was being shot onto a circa 160-170 inch diagonal acoustically transparent screen (I forgot exactly what size, but was large). The only problem I now face, is that I really want a Lumagen in my system + the Benq lens is too limited for what I want in my room. Overall though, where a room can accomdate the Benq LK990, I'd jump right in and get one. In addition, the want and desire to build a room with an AT screen is very very high. Prior to today, i'd only seen Micro Perforated screens that didn't impress me. The woven screens I saw today were absolutely phenomenal! Really impressive to have a cinemascope screen go from wall to wall!