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  1. @jdh500 I believe one of the main benefits is the tone mapping capabilities (in addition to the picture quality being class leading - at least according to some comparisons)
  2. The difference between stands vs no stands is extremely noticeable. The initial reflection you manage to diminish/remove is worth every penny on the purchase. The stands allow the sound to breath (thats the best way I can describe it). Here is a good video that can give you an quick nice A/B audible reference on how setup is so important. To the OP, whatever you end up doing, make sure setup is nicely done to get the best out of your gear.
  3. I can't compare active vs passive. I'm just a wireless ls50 owner and love them. For me it's the lack of clutter that appeals to me. My suggestion, go with your gut feeling. And do it once, do it right (that's not saying to go wireless, just saying that do what you need to do to get to your desired outcome) See below, sitting on iso acoustic speaker stands
  4. That's excellent news; any chance of an indicative timeline for the updated firmware?
  5. @Matt_Walker A question Regarding the Benq W5700; does the unit have any inbuilt Anamorphic modes? I have a Prismasonic Anamorphic Lens, and if it woks with the Benq, it looking like a pretty hard projector to beat in terms of value for money! I live near the Instyle store, so will be hopefully checking out the unit later today. Cheers
  6. Thankyou for confirming. Did @Javsget you up to speed with it all? Or was the learning process all self taught off the back of reading internet forums? Cheers
  7. How long does it take to rip a Uhd disc on average? And beyond that, if you could nominate the 3 biggest advancements beyond a udp9000 or oppo203, what would it be? Is it the motion? The clarity? Apologies for all the questions, I find this so interesting but so hard to decipher the information from online - nothing helpful I can find on youtube, and the avs forums are far far too long for me to get an understanding. Cheers
  8. Brilliant! Excuse my ignorance, as i've never quite fully understood the flow of events to get the benefit of one of these. Does it go; Physical media i.e. UHD -> into an appropriate UHD Drive that plays back live to so speak and Mad VR scans every frame and works its magic as it goes. or Does it go: Physical media to be ripped onto HTPC Hard Drive; Mad VR then scans from the hard drive version and works its magic? Cheers Keegan
  9. I really like the idea of Australian Speakers being in an Australian Home Theatre - with that said, by all accounts the Triad Speakers are top notch (although seemingly more expensive?) Have you had a chance to listen to any theatres with the speakers you would likely be getting?
  10. I am extremely interested in this - the whole MadVR thing sounds great, although it's something that seems rather daunting (even though i'd classify myself as being tech savvy). Is the idea behind MadVR Envy much like the Lumagen Pro, only better? and maybe cheaper? Cheers
  11. I wasnt referring to the offer potentially determining your projector choice. However, for someone on the fence, this could very well tilt the decision in favour of the Sony... Everything is a consideration
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