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  1. Will take this if available ...and a few others you have advertised. Pm sent earlier.
  2. Have sent pm...will grab both this and Ronniw please.
  3. Will take this as well as the G & R if still available. Have pmed.
  4. Will grab if something unforseen happens to Gryffles....meteorite strike? Lightning?
  5. I am surprised neither of the first two terminator movies have not got a mention. For their genre they are outstanding. oh...I second the Wages of Fear. Brilliant. 2001 a space oddessy still stands up after all these years.
  6. Another WOW! I had not realised it had become so expensive. Just did a quick search for my autographed promo copy!! GLWS!!! Quite a bargain for someone!
  7. Have sent you a pm relating to a few of these listings. Cheers
  8. Oh...this is a 'tulip' edition (Tulip bulbs run around label perimeter). They are top notch recordings.
  9. Bugger!!! Actually have the aust 1981 issue which sounds pretty good. For those who don't know....this is an essential album in any collection.!! You need to get more Candyflip...the 45 rpm issue????
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