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  1. It is a wonderful thing that we all have different tastes and preferences in music...otherwise tis be a dull grey world. Some real gems hidden in there and will be gobsmacked if not snapped up soon. Having purchased from Rotur previously I assure they will arrive brilliantly packed and in better condition than he describes.
  2. Should have PM now...was on the road in nthern NSW and entered a very large black spot as far as reception went. Cheers.
  3. Pm sent regading offer on japanese albums.
  4. For a second there thought they were the vinyl versions which hard to come by. I am sure these are in the same stellar class.
  5. old bloke

    FS: Tandberg TCD330 3 Head Cassette Deck

    PM sent with offer
  6. old bloke


    Happy days for you..cheapest of that version on discogs is around $225.00!!!!
  7. old bloke


    Is this the 2018 reissue? Cheers
  8. old bloke

    SOLD: FS: Vincent PHO-700 Phono Preamp

    I use one of these in my second stereo setup and to be honest out performs some much more respected and higher priced brands. If you have a great amp with a so so phono amp (many of them made last 20 years) I can highly recommend this solution.
  9. old bloke


    Funny old day...first we have someone wanting to buy something that does not exist and secondly someone has sent a PM. Wonder what the PM is discussing? The weather? Pell case?😉
  10. Ha! Yes...pays to check. Was chasing the oz first press to fill a gap in my KC collection. Had a friend go to the record fair in west End brisbane a few weeks back. Basically nothing under $50. As the vinyl revival continues folks are beginnng to twig that a well kept first copy sounds a darn sight better than a reissue. Obviously not alway the case as you indicated. Just last night compared back to back an original Court of the crimson king and the much lauded new reissue ...180gm vinyl, original master tapes used blah blah... There was no comparsion...the older was MUCH better.
  11. Yep...poor copies can fetch $50 plus!
  12. The early oz KC was the prize I was after.
  13. Happy to take all 3 if ist offer falls thru....cheers
  14. I am having trouble working out what you are selling. The attached list doesnt have any led Zep or Boston...then again I might have it all wrong.
  15. You dont happen to have an original USA copy of Rodriguez, Coming from Reality? Never hurts to ask!