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  1. Ha...was about to ask the same question. I feel there is a big difference in those two classifications. With NM I expect it woulld take quite awhile to find the slightest imperfection on either cover or media.
  2. Hi Will take the Pictures at an exhibition, Cold chisel, Bob Marley set and the doors box of singles. Have PMed BTW that Friday night in San Francisco is a brilliant record and if you have a good system sounds unreal...would grab but have a copy I love. Cheers
  3. I will gladly take all the classicals and the two Joan Baez thanks Rotur.
  4. These are very good...keep using clean fluid. The rack is not clipped in under the bath?
  5. Anyone wanting to understand why original Columbia Oistrakh recordings sell well north $1000 should grab this set. I have a few scratchy old ones (IMO to far gone for selling) but his extraordinary playing and sensitivity shine through. I actually rather like all the background noise and ticks clunks etc...speaks of time and distance. My partner reckons i need help!😃
  6. Jim Hendrix box set Aretha...I never loved... Nina simone...sings the blues Give it back Brian Jonestown Cheers
  7. Have replied and more than happy to purchase.
  8. PM sent with intent to buy whole collection.
  9. Back again! Set two more away for me please . The 4 volumes of Sarah Vaughan and Johnny cash. Cheers OB
  10. Hi rotur Can I get the Pearls before swine please. That is a real gem and have not heard for years.
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