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  1. I've made 7 purchases on drop (Massdrop back then) since the introduction of the import tax. Can't see it itemised on any of my purchases so I guess drop must absorb the tax fees. I definitely get charged tax using ebay. Does the d70 on drop come with warranty? I purchased a d50 from drop a while ago and remember mine day at the dhl Frankfurt sorting centre for what seemed like an eternity.
  2. Ok, you must tell us all how you do it. How have you even come close to convincing your partner to give you the ok to upgrade from pmc twenty5.26??? But hang on, not enough of a challenge? How about a pair of pmc twenty 5.26 unopened still sealed in the box?! Your rewriting folklore here. Glwts
  3. Yes it is Gary, I've got another person who was interested first, I'll let you know. pm sent.
  4. Thanks for the comments but now I'm having second thoughts on selling it! Arrrrgh 😫
  5. Item: Halcro MC20 Location: South Yarra or Dandenong South, during business hours, Vic Price: $2300 Item Condition: As new, 2 weeks old Reason for selling: Two words, Pass Labs. Now I'm broke! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: local buyer preferred as my partner threw out the original box the night I unpacked it😤 I do have an emotiva box which it will fit in post interstate at buyers expense. Comes with full 3 year (minus 2 weeks) manufacturer's warranty, which is transferable. Proof of purchase will be provided to the buyer. FEATURES: Power Output: 400W RMS continuous into 4 Ohms Distortion THD: <0.007% at 1kHz at all powers up to 400W into 4 Ohms, <0.03% at 7kHz at all powers up to 400W Unbalanced and Balanced Voltage Inputs Mains Voltage: 100 – 120VAC or 190 – 250VAC Remote trigger switch between On & Standby Command Functions: Switch between On & Standby Ability to inhibit individual amplifier modules Amplifier module will indicate Over Temperature condition Halcro Reliability Assurance Service SPECIFICATIONS: Power Output 400W RMS continuous into 4 Ohms Frequency Response (-3db) 5 Hz – 45kHz Audio Inputs, selectable Unbalanced: RCA sockets Balanced: XLR sockets Outputs Internally bridged: Binding Posts Command Functions Switch between On & Standby Ability to inhibit individual amplifier modules Amplifier module will indicate Over Temperature condition Amplifier module will indicate Over Current condition Halcro Reliability Assurance Service Gain Unbalanced and balanced: 29x = 29dB Power Supply Universal switch mode Power factor corrected Fully protected Compliant in all countries Fault Indications LED turns red if Heatsink temperature exceeds 78°C LED flashes red if current limit exceeded Distortion THD:<0.007% at 1kHz at all powers up to 400W into 4ohms 0.03% at 7kHz at all powers up to 400W Noise: <30nV/sqrt(Hz) @ 1kHz referred to input Impedance Input Unbalanced: 10k Ohms Balanced: 10k Ohms Output impedance at 7kHz <80 milliohms Power Consumption Idle: <14W 350W with 4 Ohm load: 94% efficient) Mains Voltage 100-250 VAC Dimensions Weight: 49.8lb or 21.1 kg Height: 7 inches or 169mm Width: 17 inches or 438mm Depth: 16 inches or 410mm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Yes I've got the xpl200, and they are very special indeed. Tempted to buy these as a spare lol.
  7. I thought I'd seen these on here before! Didn't one of those SNA members also buy it back from the other SNNA member? These speakers gets around a bit lol. Don't think you'll have any issue selling these with the track record it has. GLWTS Anyway!
  8. Looks like they've jacked the price by 50%, now $14.95. Bought one anyway. Man I feel ripped... 😭😭
  9. Hi, could you let me know if you don't sell it by Monday? I work in Dandenong south and would be interested. Just bought two pairs of speakers recently so I wasn't really looking but your offer is too good to ignore! Cheers Lawrie
  10. In the rare chance that Maggie, Justin m and Raphael jump ship, I'll grab item 1. Cheers!
  11. Sorry for the late reply. That photo was taken BEFORE I did any soldering. My poor soldering after has seemed to fix the issue. I haven't had the chance to have a proper listen as I've been busy setting up my new bryston a2s
  12. So I had a look at what I thought was the good speaker over the weekend. The picture speaks for itself. The bad solder was for the tall white resistor, which was pretty loose from the board. I ended up epoxying the resistor back onto the board and did a really bad job at resoldering the connection and melted whatever was left around the hole. Hoping I hadn't buggered the speaker up entirely, I screwed the woofers back in place and fired her up. It worked! Now moving on, these speakers are still under warranty of sorts. Not covered by the manufacturer but by the seller. I began a claim and they are supposed to be collected on Wednesday for inspection. I'm guessing what I just did should void any warranty, what does everyone think I should do? Suck it up and be happy it works now albeight with a very amateur repair job by yours truely and cancel the claim or be a nag and keep the claim open due to the dodgy crossover
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies so far, yes I do understand that the lower to will freeze meant to be subwoofers. Maybe I wrongly assumed the wrong speaker was at fault and should actually be the other speaker which has the issue. I assumed it was that speaker as it just sounds incomplete when comparing it to the other speaker. The overall sound is less full so to speak (for a lack of a better word in my audio vocabulary). I'll go over and compare wiring in both speakers this weekend, cheers
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