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  1. yeah but its very low, even at max volume it feels about the same level as when i set the volume to 10-15% when using the RCA output to input option..
  2. yup.. I've connected it properly and everything, someone had the same problem too but didnt mention the bass continues playing with speakers muted https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aktimate-Active-Speakers-Bluetooth-Gloss-Blue/dp/B00HDE7DQK seller wont respond on ebay either when I asked why it was happening lol
  3. Hello, I baught aktimate mini+ b speakers to replace my AE a5+ and I'm using it with my audioengine s8 sub. the subout option on the speaker gives nearly no power to the sub, and the output option gives too much and music continues to play thru the sub even when speakers are muted. someone told me to get a passive preamp http://www.schiit.com/products/sys and connect my speaker and sub thru that instead.. will this work? or should i get a phono preamp or an active preamp or something else instead cant believe these aktimates are do dodgy after seeing so much praise for them lol thanks
  4. Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade my current speakers on my computer the logitech z5500. I wanted to get the audioengine a5+ but after doing alot of research, most say aktimate is better, clearer etc. I only listen to hip hop/ melbourne house/edm, I also like my music flat(no boosted treble etc).. what I dont like about the z5500 though is the bass just sounds to like "vuuuuuuu" and not punchy and tight. I have a small portable bluetooth sony speaker and even though there is so tiny bass in it, it just sounds so much more cleaner..so I'm kinda looking for a big version of that. Would the A5's be more suited for me because I prefer my sound more flat or does that have nothing to do with the speaker? or just go with aktimates? Also I'm not looking for studio monitors, too lazy to set up 😐 tldr: which speaker would sound more like i'm listening to house music while on drugs, minus the drugs Thanks
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