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  1. Serenade in Blue ~ Blue Suede Shoes ~ Carl Perkins ~ Million Dollar Quartet ~ Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash: The Slide
  2. Another one playing Stone From The Sky - Break A Leg after seeing it mentioned several times over the past few days
  3. All American Alien Boy - Ian Hunter
  4. Now that I have free time every day as I wish, I am going to do some CD ripping, the first 3 are by Nick Drake
  5. The Legend of the Holy Drinker ~ The Morning After
  6. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow ~ Angela Jolie ~ Jon Voight, Midnight Cowboy
  7. Some Nina on an overcast and showery day.
  8. A World Without Love - Peter and Gordon
  9. Slow West ~ The Hateful Eight ~ Quentin Tarantino ~ From Dusk Till Dawn
  10. Bring on the Night - The Police
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