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  1. How would these sound on a high wattage amp connected to a 4ohm Dynaudio speaker? What did you have them set up with?
  2. Are these still available?
  3. pm sent with intent to buy 4 days ago. Please check : )
  4. Wow! A thread with bike enthusiasts and hifi lovers! I ride either a road or Cx bike for my daily commutes into work. They are nice but they are considered my 2nd system. The bikes that that really put a huge smile on my face just like my Dynaudio’s are below: 2015 intense spider 275A custom build - comes down a mountain like a Bentley! 2017 Giant trance advance - rides down a mountain like track car. Fun but don’t get seduced by the increased speed if you can’t handle it. A lot of impressive rides to be seen on this thread. Enjoy your bikes gentlemen! BTW I’m new to the hifi journey. I’ve been pissing funds on bikes for many years and now HIFI is on the list of addictions 😱
  5. Off topic - but I’m drooling over that kinki intergrated in the last photo. Does punch above it’s weight?
  6. Hi , Can I please audition these tmrw arvo. I'm super keen. My name is ralph 040******. I tried to buy other speakers from you last week but missed out : ) I want these for my gym : )
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the community but super addicted to this new hobby and obsession to hear the super sonics of audiophilism. I just wanted to say hi and explore this domain.
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