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  1. Further information: Nice portable headphone dac. It is quite versatile as it accepts USB , Coax, Optical and 3.5mm auxiliary input. You can adjust bass and treble. Store volume level. Includes USB charger / audio cable and rubber holder. Plenty of good reviews in Amazon. The standard mini USB interface lets you connect the amp to a computer to accept digital audio and also to charge the amplifier's battery Standard 3.5mm line and S/PDIF inputs let you connect analog line and digital PCM sound sources, such as MP3 play
  2. Further information: Excellent music streamer. It can stream from Tidal (You need to create a mySqueezebox account for this) and from your ripped music (Wav or MP3). Comes with original logitech remote, logitech power supply and box. https://www.whathifi.com/au/logitech/squeezebox-touch/review Note: For first timer, you will need to install the Logitech Media Server into a PC or Mac or NAS that supports LMS. You can also remotely control your music library through Squeezepad from ipad or iPeng app for iPhone. Photos: PLEASE READ
  3. If I got the $$$ I would not hesitate to buy these. Have listened to these and it is heavenly sound. 🙂
  4. Further information: Selling 40 bluray movies including 4 of which are still new and sealed. New and Sealed movies are : Marvel Captain America Civil War, American Gangster, The Prestige, I am Legend. It also includes Matrix Trilogy set. Some are 2 disc set. Action movie fans will certainly enjoy this. Will not separate. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excludi
  5. Amazing speaker. I need to sell my house to accommodate this beast . GLWTS.
  6. Further information: Was using this to play mainly SACD or as a transport to my Chord Qutest and Musical Paradise D2 mk3 Tube dac. Excellent SACD / CD player and made in Japan. https://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_12_1/denon-dvd-3910-dvd-player-1-2005.html I don''t have the original box but can shipped. it is 10kg and the dimension of the box is 51 x 54 x 25. Prefer local pick up if possible. It comes with fully functional remote. But no manual. Manual is available for download. http://downloads.denon.com/documentmaste
  7. Further information: Reluctant sale of the highly acclaimed smooth sounding 3 way value for the money speaker from Wharfedale. I am currently reducing the number of gears before we move to the sunshine state. I am the first owner. This was purchased from Digital Cinema in Sydney on November 2019 so practically 1 yr old. I can provide dealer's tax invoice. 5 yr warranty and just not sure if the warranty is transferrable. It comes with original box for both speaker and stand. This speaker has great bass and smooth top end and mid range. Very forgivi
  8. Further information: Reluctant sale of my beloved and beautiful McIntosh MA252 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier. You will not stop looking at it even when it is off. 🙂 Have tested its balanced output and unbalance output as well as Phono stage inputs. Comes with its manual and fully working remote. 100 Watts at 8 ohm and 160 at 4ohm Warm sounding amplifier with great soundstage. I have paired this with PMC 26, Dynaudio Contour 30, Harbeth 30.1, Wharfedale Linton, Focal 826, Elac B6, B&W 685 with great results. It is not picky. Note: I don
  9. Prices for premium and popular but not made in china speaker and even amplifier brands is increasing every time a new series comes out. Just another example is Dynaudio Contour 60i which is a 3 way is now $18K. Spendor D9.2 is 17K. B&W 803D3 is now 24.5K. Ouch.
  10. Further information: Squeezebox classic including fully functional remote and AUS power supply. You can stream your own ripped music files or stream music from Tidal. Note: You need to install the Logitech Music Server in a PC or NAS that supports LMS. Create an account in mysqueezebox.com if you want to stream Tidal. Download the Squeezepad from Apple App Store for ipad or iPeng for Android / apple mobile device to control the music library. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price on
  11. The new RRP for the new PMC series i are now going to be as follows: 24i is 12K while the 26i is 20K. Almost 20% price increase from the Twenty5 series. This is a great opportunity to get the Twenty5 24 at this price.
  12. Further information: Finally selling my beloved PMC Twenty5 24. Comes with original box, spikes and dust cover. No visible scratch. It has a sweet top end but not fatiguing sound with natural fast bass. Great sound stage if position properly. With its ATL bass port in the front, you can position this close to the back wall. At 89db it is easy to drive so any amp even tube amp can drive this speaker. Prefer local pickup but can ship interstate at agreed shipping cost. Price is firm. SPECIFICATIONS Crossover Frequency
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