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  1. Drool. Love my 1080, but can’t afford this right now. good luck with the sale!
  2. Thanks Rod for a nice cartridge and really great buying experience!
  3. New (to me) Benz Ace SL, from the classifieds. Haven’t listened enough to be sure of listening differences from previous cart (Goldring 1012X), but sounding really nice so far! Ben
  4. If DogBox doesn’t take it, I will. Thanks, Ben
  5. If not sold, I’ll take it. If you can post to adelaide- I’ll cover postage, of course. please let me know!
  6. Maybe I have been looking at the is the wrong way... Other than tracking force, I've always trusted the factory set-up of the table. Maybe I need to look at tools/learning to optimise cartridge set-up first. I could get an Okki Nokki / Project VC-S now, as well as a good protractor (/+other recommended tools), then tackle cartridge in the coming months. Thoughts?
  7. Wimbo, I appreciate the input. I should have been clearer in that I'm struggling to reconcile what people are saying with my own experience regarding the turntable. Maybe I just need exposure to better tables to appreciate the difference (you don't know what you don't know...)? I'll have an extra $1k or so available in March/April, and had mentally earmarked this for a record cleaning system, so it's not really a case of one versus the other, more a case of what comes first. I'm also not ruling out a better turntable in the future, which a new cart would be re-homed to. It's just a bridge too far right now. It's quite possible that the arm is the let-down here. Given that I can't swap the arm (it's a 9.5" effective length, but with project mounting, and no arm board on the table), I'll never know with this table.
  8. Thank you for the offer - I'll likely take you up on it as I get closer to making a call!
  9. Roger that. I’d actually be very keen to try a Nagaoka MP-200, which is arguably a steal at the sub$500 it can be had for, and seems to possess the traits that I value. Unfortunately it’s lower compliance make it unlikely to gel with my arm. Resonance at 14ish Hz...
  10. Thanks Matty! I'll do a little research. The thing I'm struggling to come to grips with is the general dislike around here for music hall tables. When I bought the thing, I picked it (perhaps foolishly) over a Planar 3. I didn't do extensive research, however visited several dealers and listened to several systems. Based on living with the table for the past 10 years, I realise it isn't high-end, but I can't see it as a bad table. Perhaps there are quality issues and I got a good one? I don't know...
  11. I should also add that I will also get a decent record cleaning machine, most likely in 2-3 months’ time.
  12. Thanks, Grizzly. I really appreciate it. Right now, I work week days, my wife works Saturdays, and between us we look after the kids’s swimming, church and other social commitments on Sundays, so getting out on my own is a bit of a challenge. If it looks as though I’ll be going for a Benz, I’ll get in touch for a chance to hear the general Benz character before biting the bullet. 👍
  13. I really appreciate everyone’s input and various points of view. Thank you. A backwards step, cartridge-wise is not one I’m willing to take. Here’s why. While there are differing views on the ability of the MMF 5.1 to support a $1500 (or even $1000) cartridge, I’ll say this for the old girl. Since replacing the motor, bearing and sub-platter, the table is SILENT. Both mechanically, and through the speakers. And, even with an aging Goldring 1012X, the new phono stage (Muse by AndyR) was a revelation. If the table is silent, and keeps a steady speed, from my point of view, the only possible let down may be the tonearm. By all accounts, it’s a decent (though not outstanding) arm. Speaking for mine (others may vary) I can say that it’s easy to balance and the bearings are still smooth. It also provides for azimuth and VTA adjustment. While the table may not release all of the performance of a better cartridge, I expect that a well-chosen cartridge in the $1000-$1500 range will result in a substantial increase in listening enjoyment. I fully expect that I will be in a position to buy a better turntable within the next five years, but for now, I must (and do) enjoy the table I’ve got. I already enjoy the sound, however would like a little more transient attack, as well as a more full midrange. What I need (from my point of view) to achieve with a new cartridge, is the ability to listen to busier/more complex passages without the music starting to sound confused. This jars me out of the listening experience. To me, this means a more advanced/aggressive stylus profile. Once again, I appreciate the input from everyone. I hope this additional context helps drive the discussion in a positive direction. Cheers!
  14. Thanks Matty - I got that. Bummer that your table is out of action! Time will tell how patient a man I am. *drums fingers* I may find a way to listen to something from the Grado Statement stable in the mean time.
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