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  1. Coming along nicely. Just a comment about the insulation you have shown. I think this can have some damping properties but only at high-ish frequencies given how thin it is - thicker = greater effect at lower (longer) wavelengths. For any builds I do I use Bradford Sound Screen. You can purchase it at your local insulation supplier by the bag of 6 - 10 depending on size and thickness you choose. A bag is about $50 in WA. As each batt is 1160mm x 410mm (in the picture) a bag of 6 goes a very long way. The most effective of these is based on a rock wool type of material. I also like the poly alternative as it isn't itchy to work with. In the photo's below the white poly batts are 11cm thick. The grey rock wool batt is 90. These are very dense and make a measurable difference to your build. I'm willing to bet you can't measure the impact of the egg crate foam in a sub using one thickness. Data-Bass measure the effect of using poly fill pillows in some cabinets. In Part 2 of Paul Spence's Bass Integration Guide has some links to some BBC papers that measure the acoustic performance of various materials. These papers are what lead me to look for real acoustic insulation for my builds. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your build and room integration coming together! 🍻
  2. Plain old wood screws is what I use after a major problem with a T nut spinning. Had to drill the head off the bolt. Not fun. Jaycar sells a range that are good.
  3. Did you purchase drivers yet? If not I highly recommend looking at the SB Audience 18's for the VBSS.... https://www.wagneronline.com.au/sb-audience-18-subwoofer-500w/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/1002174/fl/ https://www.wagneronline.com.au/sb-audience-18-subwoofer-450w/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/bianco-18sw450-89880/1002173/pd/ Good luck!
  4. I really like the Dayton H07E. The bookshelves have EV8L woofers and AISD-34MMTD compression driver. I call them my Aussiewave Mini - inspired by the Econowave Mini by Zlich and others. This was my first build that I attempted a full crossover design after I purchased Omnimic and Dats. My goal was to beat the performance of the EV ZX1 that uses the same woofer. I used this system in my shed in my former home. At the time I also had a nice pair of Altronics Redback PA speakers in a similar configuration - horn loaded CD over an 8" woofer. Here's the three..... Here's the measured on-axis performance of the three stooges. The red line (0 degrees in the legend under the graph) is my Aussiewave.... Here's the 0 - 50 degrees for my Aussiewave - its a bit hot up top... The 10db breakup of the titanium CD above 13khz I don't notice and its about on par with the ZX1's which sound really good. Here's the polar... I'm pretty confident I could match or beat the performance of the ZX1 by bringing down the CD a bit but I never got around to it because I like how clear these are with subwoofers. Perhaps a case of Beranek's Law? They are on my list to improve. Improved crossover is like this... Here's the simulated frequency response and phase.... I would like to purchase the AISD-8150WWD8 8" woofer from Alternative Imports (same mob that sell the CD I used in this) to measure and build a super budget system with to see what is possible for under $100 per cabinet. The build quality of the CD is really quite impressive for all of $35. I'd also like to build a system based on the Alternative Imports larger 44mm CD and match it to the Dayton H6512 waveguide, with their 12" and 15" woofers for larger home audio/home theatre installs for a series of Aussiewave speakers to meet every need. Ah, so many projects, so little time.... 🍻
  5. G'day Dave, Apologies for not coming back sooner, seems my subscriptions aren't working here at the moment. I think the thing about these compression drivers (CD's) is that they are designed for commercial use where they are belted on for long periods at very high SPL. The crossover recommendation is based on protecting the driver in this application. Of course a home setting is a very different use case. CD's like these, with 110db @ 1watt efficiency, see miniscule volts in my home setting. In my system the absolute max I listen to music is around 100db, but this is a rare occurrence. To me 100db is very loud. Frankly 90db is too loud for a comfortable conversation. Sustained 87db sound is the threshold of causing hearing damage. As I understand the DB log scale, it takes 10 times the power to double the output = 6db. Based on this here's a quick calc I did in Excel.... Therefore I have found that a lower crossover is absolutely fine particularly as I like to use third order high pass filters for tweeters. I'd call it a non-issue actually. For me, I set the crossover based on the woofer - I want the woofers directivity to blend with the horn so that I get a smooth response on and off axis. 12" works well between 1-2k, for a 15" around 800hz. If you haven't purchased a CD/horn yet have a look at the new SB Audience series available at Wagner. There are some very nice options there. Regarding the woofers, I really like the designer series you mention. I have not used it but Bill Waslo did a design with the SEOS and that woofer and stated it was one of his favorites. Regarding high vs low efficiency woofers - I'd say go with the low efficiency first. As a stand alone speaker system (i.e. not used with subs 100% of the time) they will be more satisfying in the bass region. Research has shown that approximately 30% of one's judgment of sound quality is a reaction to bass performance - both extension and smoothness. Dr Floyd Toole (Harman/JBL) published this very interesting paper on the subject. In a well tuned enclosure the DS series will have great bass I'm sure. The Definimax would be awesome for HT with solid sub support as the high efficiency drivers like this trade off bass extension. Regarding the Dayton H6512 waveguide, I haven't had a chance to try these yet unfortunately. Their Econowave heritage is impeccable and I'm sure they will sound awesome. Their price from the Loudspeaker Kit is unbeatable too. They are certainly on my list but recently I've moved to a new home and been distracted by tapped horns and building a pair of high efficiency HT monitors with 15" faital woofers and JBL 2445/2380A.... Good luck!
  6. This is running from a single channel of a Crown XLS 1002 so 350w.... I really like the XLS series as they're quiet as a mouse and have clip limiting so you can run them hard up on the limiter and not worry about burning voice coils. Good luck!
  7. These are great bang for buck subs. Would be great in multiples. Their lower power handling offset by more of them. I built one in 6 cubic feet (why are we talking imperial?!) About 190 liters. I don't like to use boost, my room always takes care of supporting low extension for me. Boost gobbles headroom, I want dynamics above ultimate extension. My in-room measurements pretty much match your modelled output with 20hz high pass.... If you can accommodate multiples in such large enclosures I'd be tempted to model these in a tapped horn. There's something special about a tapped horn.
  8. I choose a crossover based on the woofer. The woofer will begin to beam as frequency rises. Bigger woofers begin to beam earlier. To get smooth controlled directivity as I have in the polar above it is important to cross the woofer before it gets too narrow in its off axis response. You can see this well in the SB response charts. At home hifi levels these compression drivers can tolerate being crossed lower than the specs suggest because they are set to allow the driver to be able to handle a belting in a PA application. Cheers.
  9. Around 1.5khz. Visible in the polar...
  10. SB Audience 18 also available on eBay delivery from NSW.... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sb-audience-18-subwoofer-450w-Speaker/153803775546?hash=item23cf6b5e3a:g:u20AAOSwubdeJjz4&redirect=mobile
  11. Given the exchange rate I'd be buying local and getting the H6512 from Loudspeaker Kit and matching it with either the screw on Celestion CDX1 1446 for cost effective, or CDX1 1746 for high end (ie DE250 equivalent) from Belfield Music. DIY Sound Group uses the 1446 on its HT line. I have the CDX1 1745 (4 bolt version of the 1746 that has the screw thread instead) on my Econowave inspired SEOS 12 and Faital Pro 12 and it sounds smooth as silk. Horizontal polar of this is nice... If I needed to cross lower because I was using a 15" woofer then I'd go with the new SB Audience line horn/CD combos that can crossover at 700hz.
  12. That is the Econowave Deluxe. Some love is an understatement!
  13. If I were using the Econowave I'd be grabbing a screw thread driver for it. The adapters spoil the interface between horn and driver. I have adapters for screw driver to 3 bolt horns for my SEOS 12 and the screw horn to 3 bolt for the H6512 wave guide and neither fit very nicely, adding some straight tube section to the horn throat which is a fail in my book. Do you already have your H6512 wave guides and drivers?
  14. I believe the Peerless FSL-1830R03-08 ($256) is a better woofer in most respects than the Dayton PA460-8. If you head over to Parts Express you can use their compare check box tool to look at both drivers specs side by side. You'd likely need to fine tune the standard VBSS to suit this driver, just as you would with any substitute driver when not using the original specified Dayton. Good luck!
  15. The new SB Audience line are impressive. Of the 15's mentioned I'd consider the ROSSO-15SW800 for a three way, the the advantage (in my mind) of the SB's being lower Vas & greater xmax over the Faital 15pr400. If I had the cash then NERO-15SW800 has specs to die for and its Vas should also make it amenable to a family room friendly sized enclosure. I too am a horn convert. Constant directivity is my preference. The new SB Audience line also has some highly impressive CD & Horn combo's. My favorite being the H225 and 44CD-PK. For the combined horn/CD price of about $130 a side these are a bargain. Particularly when they can be crossed at 700hz making a two way with a 15" woofer a highly interesting and viable proposition to me. Good luck!
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