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  1. I was lucky to snag the Aryas from @akqrate the first time around. Amazing cans. Excellent seller. Buy with confidence.
  2. Item: Cowon Plenue R2 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player (preferred with a case - not a deal breaker though) Price Range: $350 - $450 (based on condition, warranty, etc.) Item Condition: Used/Near new/ Ex-Demo Extra Info: I am based in Teneriffe, QLD. Preferred payment through PayPal / PayPal friend.
  3. Read very good reviews about these LSA cans. @Bengineer is a trusted seller and a great guy. Buy with confidence. GLWS.
  4. These are amazing iems offered for a great price. Rarely come up for sale. GLWS.
  5. This is a great R2R dac. I am very much interested to know your opinion of Ares MK1 in comparison to MK2. GLWS.
  6. Had a chance to recently audition this amazing sounding pair of LCD-3. @Bengineer is a great guy, trusted seller, and keeps his audio gear in pristine condition. Buy with confidence!
  7. @hardinge is a trusted seller and maintains his gear impeccably. Buy with confidence. I have heard this amp which has enough power to drive high impedance cans with ease. GLWS.
  8. These iems were launched sometime in early 2020 but have only been recently gathering lot of praise from the audio community.
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