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  1. Thanks for your comments. Price reduced to $1600, still open to sensible offers...
  2. Item: Cyrus Pre X preamp, PSX-R regulated power supply, Smart Power power amps, FM 7.5 FM tuner and 2 x 3m of Cyrus speaker cable - for sale as a package. Location: Sunshine Coast, also available for collection from Brisbane. Price: $1,800 but open to sensible offers. Now $1600... Item condition: Excellent condition, just a couple of very minor scuffs on the side of one unit. Note that the FM 7.5 was purchased separately and is in slightly worse condition than the other items. It has a couple of minor marks on the front panel, sides and top of the case. Reason for selling: Purchased an Electrocompaniet system. Payment method: Cash, Direct deposit. Extra info: Lovely equipment, I’ll be sad to see it go. has provided great enjoyment and no trouble over the years. Partnered beautifully with my B&W 805Ns - soon to be listed separately. Treated with the upmost care. All units provided with the original boxes and manuals except FM 7.5. Each speaker cable is 3m long and fitted with Cyrus BFA plugs on one end and bananas on the other. Happy to freight at buyer’s expense. Specs and further information in the pictures and links below: http:// https://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/other-resources/legacy-products/pre-amps-dacs/pre-x/ http:// https://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/other-resources/legacy-products/power-amplifiers/smartpower/ http:// https://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/other-resources/legacy-products/power-supplies/psx-r/ http:// https://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/other-resources/legacy-products/tuners/fm7-5/ Pictures:
  3. Item: Epos ES11 speakers and stands Location: Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Price: SOLD $500 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment method: PayPal, cash on collection Extra info: I purchased these brand new in the early 90s and have been using them right up until now. Lovely speakers in exceptional condition for their age, they’ve been treated with the greatest of care. Epos recommends use of the original stands for best performance. The stands are fitted with rubber feet for use on a tile surface but are supplied with optional spikes for use on carpet. They are designed to be dismantled and will flat pack into a reasonably compact box. Speakers are supplied complete with protective covers per the photos, a very practical feature if you have young children. Original paperwork supplied. Note that The photos don’t show the original bass/treble links, however these will be supplied also. Collect from the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. Happy to pack and freight at the buyers expense. Power rating: 75 Watts music and speech Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal Sensitivity: 87 dB/W/m Bass driver: 150mm polymer cone with 32mm voice coil Tweeter: 25mm aluminium dome with rear cavity loading Cabinet: 24mm MDF wrap with inert polymer moulded front baffle and rear panel, rear ported. Pictures:
  4. Unfortunately not, I’m able to edit the text but not the title. Says I don’t have permission...
  5. Sheesh, I meant to say garnet, not granite! Original post now corrected but It would seem I can’t edit the title[emoji849] Sorry for the confusion folks!
  6. Purchased 25kg of crushed garnet and filled my speaker stands on the weekend. Didn’t use as much as I expected so have around 10kg remaining. Free to a good home - pickup Caloundra area, Sunshine Coast.
  7. Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve had the Cyrus gear for 8 or 9 years now and thankfully it’s been 100% reliable. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade...[emoji4]
  8. Hi all, great forum, so pleased to have found it. I have some Cyrus equipment and B&W 805s having recently upgraded from Epos ES11s. I’m still using the Epos stands so looking to purchase B&W stands for the 805s at some stage soon. Anyway, here’s my system - such as it is today:
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