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  1. I use tidal - at home (with roon), in the car and on the go. And I love it. But, when using the tidal app on my iPhone I am continually being bugged (requested) to use Waze. This request comes up as a blue bar at the top of the tidal app. There is a cross to turn it off - but the darn thing keeps coming back. I didnt know what Waze was, so I looked it up. Fair enough. I didn’t download, I don’t want to download and I don’t want to use it. So how can I tell tidal to stop bugging me about this software. To me, I pay $25 a month to access tidal, I don’t want to be bu
  2. Hi all, does anyone here use or have a zorloo ztella? It is a dac that plugs into a mobile phone and has mqa. I’m thinking of using it in the car for tidal (and bypassing CarPlay and using the aux input on my car system). So does anyone have one and if so, what are they like? I’m just getting sick of CarPlay. more info here: https://www.zorloo.com/ztella
  3. Question and debate, it is well known that our hearing diminishes as we grow older, so with that in mind, is our ongoing quest for the perfect and highest quality sound system a waste of time after we reach a specific age - maybe 60 or so? I mean, at a certain age we loose the ability to discern the higher frequencies (and maybe have a more narrower range of frequencies in our heating spectrum) - so why do older people spend large amounts on very nice equipment, when in fact their older ears may not fully “acknowledge” or appreciate the ability of that equipment? So should we all stop our s
  4. It may be me, but I just don’t like single box solutions - namely, I like to maybe try a new dac, a new amp etc and I can do that with a multiple unit solution. To me, an all in one is very limited but multiple units (on the other hand) give me greater flexibility and an easier upgrade path. (Yes I know I can “deactivate” or bypass some parts of an all in one solution, but that just seems wasteful to me eg, buy a NAD integrated amp, but you bypass the power amp and just use the pre-amp or vice versa). one other point, if one element of an all in one solution breaks, then you are
  5. I can look after the equipment for you until the baby/children have grown up. This way you don’t have to sell the equipment, and you need not worry about the expense of child proofing it all. if you want, I can set up a webcam and you can look at it anytime you want too. How does that sound?
  6. Following from my previous post, also have a large wooden cabinet styled colour TV (refer to photos). This tv matches the radiogram and is a HMV 26 inch. This was top off the line when colour tv first came appeared in Australia. I remember the excitement as we were the first family in the street to get colour and this was the actual set. again, it is big and heavy. I am too scared to turn this one on though so don’t know if it works. It is vhf only. Same as the radiogram, it is based in Dubbo NSW. so any idea, suggestions (or offers)of what to do with it?
  7. Hi all, I’m cleaning out my parents house and have dusted off the old General Electric Radio gram. It hasn’t been used for ages but surprisingly I fired it up and the AM radio works and still pulls in the ABC and local channel. No FM though. The BSR turntable still spins and even plays (it can also do 78s). Alas the tape wheels do not spin so cassette doesn’t work. Could be a simple fix though. it is a very nice piece of heavy wood furniture and there are 2 possibilities of what time do with it (in terms of music). Firstly, restore it completely and get it all wo
  8. It was 41 years ago. Not that long ago really as I have memories from then. I am guessing she was in her mid to late 20s in that video. Can’t imagine her being much past 30 though. Jana is in her early 20s in this film and I don’t think this lady is too much past Jana. really curious who she is/was. Having a rolls but listening to the village people implies to me she has old money - ie born or married into it. I reckon if we really wanted to find out, then Alex may have an idea - I am guessing all those people in the video were his customers and Jana worked with him to get
  9. Just remember that blonde would be in her late 60s, maybe early 70s now - also she would be someone’s Grandmother so show some respect. I do agree though that she was very beautiful. Imagine if someone here knew who she was/is and is reporting back to her what we are saying. Remember, in the scheme of things, It is a small world - especially for Hi-Fi lovers past and present in Melbourne and Australia.
  10. I don’t know who she was - but she was very attractive. I wonder where she is now (and if she still listens to jet aircraft)
  11. Title says it all. Is roon worth it? i already use jriver and it is good for what it is. Although there are a few quirks that drive me crazy sometimes. However I have invested many hours into jriver and I am rather proud of the tagging I have done with it. but I have started to think about roon though - the interface and information seems good. I have yet to try the 14 day free trial though and to be frank, 14 days is not long enough for a trial as I am rather time poor at the moment. but I would like to see what the consensus is - especially by those that
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