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  1. Funny you mention about other subscription costs. I actually don't subscribe to any streaming service - ie no netflix, no tidal, no spotify. Nothing. I just dont like the concept of paying for something like that and instead, prefer to have my own sources of music, movies etc. Content that i can play without the need for a net connection and content that i can lend to a friend. Content that i can leave to someone when i finally depart this earth. I have a very large music collection made up of many, and i mean many CDs, records etc. I was in the radio game for over 10 years and i got plenty of samples sent to me and also have built up my own rather extensive library. Just dont see the need to pay to stream things to me via a net connection when i am still enjoying my own music (which i am still discovering and enjoying). If i get wind of something new then i try and physically buy it. Besides, I have learnt that you cannot always rely on the net being there - especially when you dont live in a major centre and when you also travel a fair bit and like being away from other people. I take my own music with me - it is just my preference. I am an album listener, not a single listener and that is the way i enjoy it. That is, repeat listening of an album while relaxing or looking up at the stars. Anyway, I am hijacking my own thread. I also believe Roon will quickly get snapped up if need be. I like Roon a lot and i can myself forking out for it. I was and still am a JRiver supporter but there are just a few quirks in there that upset me. Likewise, if Roon was able to give me access to file level and a tag manager like JRiver can then i would be fully happy there too. If only a marriage could take place between Roon and JRiver.
  2. hi all, I've been sussing out Roon via its 30 day day free trial and i must say I am rather happy and impressed with it. It certainly does a lot and is a welcome addition to the resources for any music loving person (such as myself). One thing that bothers me though is the price for lifetime "membership". It is expensive - i mean i can get myself a semi-decent pair of bookshelf speakers for that. Something real, something i can look at, something that owns another carton that sits in the shed. Fair enough i can pay for a yearly subscription and i think i will do that- at first. But what bugs me, and from what i understand, one of the reasons Roon is so expensive because the cost includes the various services that Roon utilises. Things like artist bio info, imagery, catalogue info, tour dates etc - these are using third party providers and part of the subscription covers the cost for that information. So anyway, if more and more people choose to pay for the lifetime membership then how does Roon get continual money to support those external payments? I assume the yearly memberships caters for these fees but i am guessing after about 4 or so years of a lifetime membership then Roon is still spending this money to pay for these services but not getting it back when someone pays for a lifetime subscription - forever. They just keep paying for it (and maybe relying on more yearly subscriptions). How much profit do they make if 80% of the people pay for lifetime subscription and keep that for say 10 years (while the company is still paying out those fees) Is this a hole in their business model? Looking one step further, what happens if Roon goes bust (because of these ongoing outgoing fees). We've invested close to $750 AUD into it which is a fair whack of money. These are the questions i am pondering at the moment.
  3. You can always get an old laptop and use that in clamshell mode. seems like it’ll do what you want. Either that, or get a cheap nuc or pi and build one up - the CD drive could be an issue if you follow that route though. then again, look around for an older model Mac mini with CD drive. It’ll do all that and run silently too. You’d need to run it in headless mode * and grab a remote control for it though. * network into it via an iPad or something to see the display if need be.
  4. Interesting article - but I still think the audience numbers may be dubious. That is, are they counting the customers who walk into each coles supermarket as a REAL listener? These people don’t have a choice and are forced to listen to coles radio. compare this to people who voluntarily tune into the other dab+ stations. so I think the listening numbers may be very skewed for that reason. would love to see a breakdown on the listeners of coles radio.
  5. Hi all, still looking for a suitable Bluetooth speaker and the Cambridge audio g2 interests me ( mainly because it can be bought for 99 plus shipping). However, there are some mixed reviews of it and one major concern, I am unable to actually listen to one due to no shop in my area has any in stock - that is, I can only buy online. This is one concern for me - another concern is that it is 5 year old technology and a lot has happened with batteries and Bluetooth and playback technology in the last5 years. the Cambridge audio Yoyo s replaced the g2 and is a little bigger and is meant to have better battery life. But has anyone done a side by side comparison of them in terms of sound? One of my local shops does have a yo-yo s in stock but I am more curious on the sound difference between that and the g2 (which I can’t demo). the advantage of the g2(and the 99 price), is that I can easily buy 2 and then link them and get actual stereo presence - however a yo-yo s is around $250 and buying 2 of them would be more difficult (as opposed to 2 g2s for the same price of 1 Yo-yo s). But again, not being able to demo a g2 is an issue for me. so any ideas or Thoughts? Does a g2 sound really good and/or similar to the yo-yo s? Should I be concerned with the 5 year old technology in a g2, or just go with the newer yo-yo s? i am really only prepared to spend about 250 on a Bluetooth speaker. Wife won’t let me go much higher that that. Am looking for portability, battery life and quality - and good sensitivity at lower levels because when not being portable, it will be used in the bedroom at night for soft music (hence getting 2 of them would be good for actual left and right channels). any other thoughts? thanks
  6. Man! You must be old.... are you in the Guinness book of records?
  7. Look at bcf for a fishing tackle box. They are generally plastic and also offer cantilever too.
  8. It may be the highest rating because the listeners (supermarket shoppers) don’t have a choice - that is, the millions of people who venture into a coles supermarket each week are forced to listen to it. that is a very different situation to the other radio station where the vast majority of listeners voluntarily Tune in. not really a fair comparison I think.
  9. I wonder who actually listen to Coles Radio - either in their car, at the gym or chilling out at home. I mean, does anyone actually plan to sit down and groove to the great sounds of Coles Radio?
  10. Hi all, been researching portable speakers and it looks like I am limited to Bluetooth (can’t find portable airplay speakers for under $200). anyway, some Bluetooth speakers have the ability to be paired with others of the similar model. My question is, when you pair 2 Bluetooth speakers - do you get separate left and right speakers (ie stereo) or do you get 2 speakers both playing the same signal? Btw - I am currently thinking the Cambridge g2 for $99 will be what I get. Even though it is not a current model, the features and discounted price seem very appealing. thanks
  11. Hi all, there is a large range of portable Bluetooth speakers in the less than $200 price point - but is anyone aware of any portable airplay speakers around the same price? not interested in any speakers that I can talk too (or talks back to me) - just a portable speaker that can play music via airplay? thanks
  12. Curious - any idea on what the difference in power between the commercial stations and the abc is? (FWIW - I don’t listen to the commercial stations, but in the car, the dab broadcast of abc-rn drops out only a few kms past the border when going to Sydney).
  13. I wonder where their new studios are? Definitely not in the residential area ofCrace as that is my Canberra base - they used to be in the reserve area between Mitchell and Crace but if they have moved then I don’t know where?
  14. Hi all, Does anyone have a set (and use) the Yamaha NX-N500 speakers -or have experience with them? If so, what do you think of them? thanks
  15. Something doesn’t gel with me here. Paying 20k for a stereo and then streaming music via Bluetooth. Is that a case of excessive cost for a limiting standard? If I were paying 20k for a stereo, then I would want the best form of connection - ie cable. i do realise that OP wants CD and USB connections as well. But to me, 20k to listen to Bluetooth is the same as a $300k Lamborghini and only driving 60 km/h around town. Maybe I have it all wrong and Bluetooth is great.
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