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  1. I’m actually thinking of dropping Tidal, keeping qobuz (which I am enjoying) - but picking up a premium Spotify account instead of tidal. sure spotify doesn’t “plug into” roon but it has the better discovery option and it also allows me to easily ad new songs to my favourites when driving. Then use soundiiz to regularly sync both accounts.
  2. Hi all, does anyone here use IDAGIO as a streaming service? If so, how is it - and does it compliment qobuz well? Or is it not required for a qobuz subscriber?
  3. And don’t forget millennium hifi who were on the top floor across the road from duratone fir a small period of time. I think they may be related to millennium pa (or something like that) who are still around. I think valley hifi are still around but under a different name. - please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. I am rather disappointed. For some strange oddball reason, the qobuz iOS app doesn’t stream when in CarPlay mode. It only plays downloaded or imported music. 50% of my listening is done in the car and I can’t stream. Basically I need to keep tidal to stream music in my car. not very good. I currently subscribe to tidal and have paid for a year upfront with qobuz. Who would’ve thought that an app cannot stream when connected to the CarPlay module. So do I keep my services. I was really hoping to ditch tidal but looks like I have to keep it.
  5. Yes - recall him from a few discussions. I knew the guy who worked in the CD/music area too. He was very knowledgeable on music. Cant recall his name but he went to jbs after the music room closed - but didn’t last there very long. Very different clientele.
  6. It seems the iOS Qobuz app only plays imported or downloaded music and does not stream when in CarPlay mode. This is from various pages I have found - but are about 18 months old. I haven’t found anything newer. is this true - if so it sucks big time. Can anyone confirm this? not happy if this is so....
  7. Has anyone used the iOS Qobuz app in CarPlay mode yet? If so, did it work? i’ve tried It on 2 different iPhone models (iPhone 6s and 8 and it opens up but I don’t get any listing of artist, album, tracks, playlists etc. I get the horizontal menu giving me those options but no content, no lists etc. and yes I have loaded up my Qobuz account with albums and playlists, my tidal app works well, the Plexamp app works well and all my artists, playlists etc all load up and are displayed in those apps. But not in Qobuz. any ideas?
  8. I often wondered about the relationship between Miranda hifi in Canberra to the place of the same in Sydney.
  9. I do realise that both Charles and Fay are getting on in years now. I wasn’t aware of the Mawson shop but I heard stories about the “relationship” between Kent hifi and duratone. there has been some great and divided opinion about duratone. I always enjoyed going there and they did me good. I got to know them as a regular shopper there and they knew me for that. I also sort of had a good background in the arts and music areas of Canberra too and that may have helped me - even though I had longish hair. I enjoyed going there because they were my type of people - enj
  10. I wax also an artsound presenter. I used to give away vouchers from impact on my shows though....
  11. Has anyone tried the qobuz iOS app on CarPlay yet? If so, did it work for you? I also note the app is rather slow on my old iPhone 6s.
  12. I know of the Kingston branch, but memory also tells me that very briefly there was a smaller store in Manuka as well. Does anyone recall this?
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