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  1. Hi all, looking for some ideas for a bedroom system. I am looking for something small, not powerful but good in quality. I already have a nad d7050 in my office and it fits my needs perfectly for that room. I like the style, size, features etc. i also have a nad av as part of my tv room and it performs well. Being a nad fan, i was, or am tempted to look at another nad digital amp for the bedroom but I am curious about what else is out there. I am wanting a device that has: - Ethernet access ( I don’t use wifi for serious music as I play hi res flac from a nas via jriver). I have jriver installed in another room and this allows me to select the existing nad d7050 in my office as a player on the wired network. The ability to do this for the bedroom system is required. - AirPlay facilities (for my iPhone and iPad) - a good variety of inputs - only wanting stereo - headphone socket not fussed on radio and internet radio as I used my tuner pro on my iPad. not wanting an inbuilt CD player. This device will have a set of stereo speakers attached and will mostly be used for music (via jriver controls on the iPad), airplay from an Iphone, radio listening in evening (via my tuner pro from my tablet) and tv sound via input into device. not interested in a Bose wave. I really do like the nad digital amp but since I already have one, then I would like some variety. So who else is out there that a fit my needs. budget <$1000 - not counting speakers. thanks
  2. Yes - jriver does exactly that. I have a QNAP nas with my audio on that. Have jriver installed on multiple machines (win 10 and Mac) and they all playback the variety of formats (ie dsf, iso, flac etc) gap less into my various amps. I am using a win 10 box plugged into a NAD d7050 and then into paradigm bookshelves in one location (nad is connected by cable to the nas), and nas directly into a Denon dac then plugged into my nad avr in another location. I also dlna into the nad d7050 via network cable as well and control that via my iPad (when I don’t want to turn the win 10 box on). all works very good. I don’t use wifi though.
  3. Plex does fall down when you have large music collections though - ie over 75,000 songs. It doesn’t technically fall down, but the interface when searching and finding material in large collections is just terrible. plus, I think plex still has the dreaded gap playback in flac files. Don’t know if this has been fixed yet. dont get me wrong, I still use plex but only for movies and tv shows. It is great for those media types - but to me, it is just no good for music. i use Jriver for music - and plex for movies and tv shows. All the media sits on a nas and I can access any form of media over the network. Suits me fine. Plus jriver has some very nifty rules that I can put in place that makes it far more flexible when listening to music. The tag system, zoning and in my mind, the playback quality in jriver is also much better. but be careful, if you are looking at plex for music, then think carefully if you have a large collection and also check out if you can get around the gaps between tracks in flac files.
  4. I have fond memories of the iPod and my 160 gig iPod classic had a very good life - until the hard drive died. That device traveled the world, played some great music and was able to help me in introducing s0me very fine western music to the people in some remote Asian locations. It did me proud. but alas, the hard drive died. however I have moved on - I now use my 128 gig iPhone for my portable music device. it plays alac files, plugs into my car system and also gives me hand free phone access in the car. I also have plex, jriver and myTuner pro apps on it which gives me access to my nas, to podcasts (which are on my network) and also to thousands of online radio stations. Plus, I can use the iPhone to AirPlay to my NAD D7050 amp which is a quick and easy way to play music while at home ( if I am not listening to music from my nas). While I understand the 128 gig is limited, the functionality and quality is much more then what a rejuvenated iPod can deliver. The iPod may be romantic in nature but to me, the iPhone is much better and I do plan to upgrade to a new one, with more storage, once a 5g model is announced. I am happy to know that the iPod can be rejuvenated, but I will pass on it. I’ll keep my 160 gig with dodgy hard drive in the cupboard and keep using my iPhone. It just does more for what I want.
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