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  1. Just an observation......... You might want to get rid of the $7695 in the asking price. I had to look really close to see your actual asking price.
  2. Good looking speakers. How do they compare to your Focals?
  3. Hi Rajiv, Just out of interest, what were you using as a preamp?
  4. Not sure if this is the appropriate area for this.... Has anyone else discovered how spectacular and brilliantly recorded John Powell's score for Solo is? Particularly the reprises after John Williams original theme at the end credits. The detail, power and sound-staging are amazing. I'm listening through my 800D2s in stereo- not sure if you would get the same cohesive bass power from a separate sub/surround sound setup but I'll be interested to hear for other members. (I should add that your have to play it from the movie as it isn't on the soundtrack album as a separate piece.)
  5. A bargain! My Dittons are still going strong after 30 years.
  6. Hi Chris, I'd be very interested for my 800D2s - if only it had some tone control or equalisation. (Sacrilege some might say...... try getting flat bass response in a Queenslander.) Did you buy this from another stereo.net member from Northern Sydney in November last year?
  7. Thanks for the reply. Sounds like you are both gentlemen. I'll keep looking.....
  8. Hi, I know many would consider this sacrilege, but, any chance this has bass and treble or loudness adjustments? (There is no online manual on the Krell website....)
  9. LOL! I had to check that this wasn't a hoax! GLWTS.
  10. You might want to change the listing title as Hifishark is incorrectly listing these as 800D instead of 802 D2s. You may be missing out on potential buyers....
  11. Thankyou all for your replies. If you look closely at the laminated end grains you can see that the colour closely matches the side panels. Very difficult to achieve unless the timber is homogeneous. This leads me to believe that only Birch is used and that stains are employed to create faux "Rosenut" and "Cherry".
  12. Does anyone know if the Cherrywood and Rosenut finishes on these are just stained or layers of the actual timber species? (Or a combination of both?) In the youtube video it says that the timber used is Birch.... I know it's sacrilege, but I'm considering buying an old set of 800s or 802s in Rosenut and refinishing them in a lighter finish. Cherry seem to be very rare in Oz.
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