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  1. To be fair I still have the bedroom, man room and the garage to go. What if I need to listen to music in there? 😉 Also a set of speaker cables would be nice.
  2. Picked up a set of MA Bronze B2 in mint condition for a second room 2 channel setup. Paired up with a 70’s amp they are delightful. I am scared to drag my Bronze 6 into this setup as they wont go back I am sure.
  3. Well that is my 2nd two channel amp plus my decent AV amp, I am sure I don't need more. Maybe a set of vintage bookshelves but thats it. And a better Dac but thats it. For sure Most probably. 😒
  4. Wow it is ferocious in here. I got a Kenwood Ka-5500 in pretty good nick and had some work done to it. Shiny silvery knobs and meters!
  5. I have found one - dont know how to make this as found 😒
  6. Well maybe the PM400 etc not the 1070 and 1090 series? And of course it was the internets not a person in particular.
  7. Wow ok black on silver is now on my radar! Surely you don't need all of them!
  8. I was totally off the Marantz as I heard that the lower models were not great around this vintage? I am eyeing off a kenwood at that price point anyway.
  9. Item: 1970’s Integrated silver Price Range: up to $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: So I am after my first vintage amp and yes it must be the shiny silvery things with all the knobs, meters optional 😎! I am in Perth so I would prefer local but let me know if you are elsewhere. I will already know about the SNA classifieds, ebay, gumtree but maybe someone just could not be bothered listing or this might temp someone to part with one. I know its very cliche however I can worry about function over form another time. And hey is there really a bad sounding 70’s amp right?
  10. Hi Gp, well I sort of have to thank you but also not thank you. So while I got rid of the amp in question, I pulled the rotel out of my two channel main setup whilst I search for another amp and whilst it was better I was still not happy. After pulling the amp I now had some proper speaker cable and the sound got a-lot fuller and sounded different when I changed them from the pieces of string I was using. So for that I thank you but what I don't thank you for is taking me down another rabbit hole 🤣. Guess I am now looking for cables as well as these ones were short.
  11. I have a Yamaha A-S201 amp that is rated to 100wpc and when I hook this up to my MA Bronze 6 speakers I lack the low end. I have hooked my speakers up to a 65wpc Rotel and have got the low end I require now but I am going to use the Yamaha for another setup but this time with bookshelves. I have read reviews about the Yamaha and one says it lacks low end whilst the other suggested it punches nicely. I do not want to add a sub to the setup and I understand that bookshelves will be less low end again. I have to turn the bass tone pretty much all the way up to get any half desirable result. Is
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