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  1. Pac-man

    Audiolab 6000a

    Ok so an update on what I have done. I picked up a Rotel RA-630 from (mutters under his breath) JBHifi for $728 ($1099 RRP). Its basically a Rotel a-12 without a USB and single speaker posts but same specs like 2 coaxial, 2 optical, bluetooth, Wolfson DAC and 60wpc. Really good value I think. The more time I spend with the more I like, I hope amp burn in is a thing and it gets a bit more low end at low listening levels. In the future I might add a Crown amp to charge up the speakers. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Pac-man

    Audiolab 6000a

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Yes the audiolab hasnt been out long but if you have a look at the unit it isnt the same spec wise. I am using the Yamaha S-201 at the moment and its very underwhelming. I guess I am jaded about yamaha’s power claims and at $1000 I can maybe get into something with a bit more exciting. The small amount I know about 2 channel audio is that power is not everything. The 201 is supposed to be 85w its pretty ordinary.
  3. Hi fellow audio peoples, I am looking at an Integrated to power my MA bronze 6 speakers for $1000 max. I have come across an Audiolab 6000a at Excel Hifi for $849 but it does not seem to the current one that gets all the rave reviews. All the information I can gather is for the newer one with no mention of it being the second generation. Does anyone have any info or have used or bought both? My other option is to wait for the Marantz PM6006 to come on special maybe around Easter. I am not considering the Yamaha s-701 at all even though it seems the perfect choice for my budget. I have to buy without hearing but I am replacing a cheap amp so almost anything will be better.
  4. Item: Yamaha NS-444 Centre Speaker Location: Perth Price: $250 Item Condition: 10/10 (2 months old) Reason for selling: Upgraded front 3 speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have only had this two months and I have now upgraded all of my front three speakers so this is no longer required. If you dont have a lot of cash and want a value centre speaker upgrade then this is it. There are no marks scratches or anything, it is in brand new condition. Comes with front grill, manual and original box. I can post but you will have to ask for a quote. Pictures:
  5. Pac-man

    Monitor Audio

    Is everyone using banana plugs, bare wire or spades? My banana plugs only go 2/3 of the way in. Is this ok or should I get shorter plugs or spades?
  6. Pac-man

    Monitor Audio

    Just picked a set of Bronze 6 speakers. Upgraded from low level floorstanders and didnt listen to the bronzes in store. Got them home and set them up last night, we ended up just staying up late last night just listening to music. I can say we more than love them.
  7. Ok so the amp and the oppo are now installed. The first thing I notice is the bass, nice and tight and full. When I turn the volume up to a nice full level everything sounds a little bright, I had to turn treble down a little. This should be the speakers???! Also i have not tried switching the DAC with my 2070 and Oppo, I have purchased it now so it is what it is.
  8. Thanks guys it seems like I am heading in the right direction then. I am worried about how good the DAC is the the 2070 verse the Oppo.
  9. Hi peoples, I am under some pressure by the missus to deliver an upgrade in listening pleasure for her classical music. We currently have a Yamaha RX-A2070, Sony X800 and Yamaha Ns-F51 speakers. I have some new MA Bronze 6 speakers coming and am also picking up a Oppo BDP-83 (not the SE) and Yamaha AS201 integrated amp second hand. My question is because our current HT amp and player are of good quality and the weakest link is our old speakers, will the listening experience be a lot better or marginal? If only marginal what would be the first to upgrade?
  10. Hi, is this still up for sale?
  11. Pac-man


    Thanks I certainly will.
  12. Pac-man


    Very new to quality audio but I have got the upgrade bug after owning a half decent HT system. I cannot wait to own a great set of speakers.