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  1. Thanks for all the reassurance. Much more comfortable than viewing cold on ebay.
  2. Perhaps not. Just that as a potentially interested buyer for what is a relatively expensive item (to me, anyway), I’d feel a bit more confident/inclined to follow up if the seller provided more salient information than the company blurb, and was accurate in the details. To me, not doing so gives the air a slight scent of rodent - though in light of above revelations I accept it’s all probably legit. Thanks to all for their observations.
  3. See audiomagic “product details” and ebay “colour”. Just makesit stranger that a dealer does this - along with leaving out the salient stuff, like age, condition etc. As I said, same with the last ad - no background on the item, and “cherry” (when they were the eucalypt). Maybe he’s got a template.
  4. Well-spotted. Seem legit - so why are they describing them as “Cherry” in both ads, when the pics show ebony?
  5. For that kind of money, I'd go see the things first. Wondering if it's worth the effort. Kind of puzzled that someone selling a second pair in such a short time (so must be some kind of dealer) doesn't put more in the ad by way of description than corporate copy.
  6. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Harbeth-40-2-Tiger-Ebony/113912777278?hash=item1a85bb0a3e:g:thcAAOSwu4pdlzDy This is the second pair he's advertised recently. Same lack of detail re provenance etc. Legit?
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