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  1. Thanks for the response pete_mac. I believe they're Series 1, based on what I've read online, but yes the crossovers don't look like anything I've seen re other Sentry 3s.
  2. Hi knowledgeable persons I'm looking to improve the SQ of my EV Sentry 3s, circa 1970. I've got the general idea, but I'm a bit baffled by two things. What is the large value ceramic cap doing (if it is a ceramic). I read they were sub-optimal for crossovers and to be avoided. What is it in the last pic, and does it need replacing? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reassurance. A lifetime of inexpensive cable use has done little to prepare me for the idiosyncrasies of better quality,
  4. No pics, sorry, as I've terminated and sealed everything. In principle, is it weird?
  5. I recently bought a length of cable, used, off eBay. Brand Aural Symphonics. In re-terminating them I was surprised to find that each 'strand' is internally very different. The indicated passive strand is a single copper wire, while the active is a much thicker braided cable plus another single wire. (Can't estimate the gauges). Is this normal? What's the theory here? Does it pose any risk? Any light shed appreciated.
  6. Hello SNAers Found the forum in my researches around my current system refresh. Thankful for the the knowledge base. Not really an audiophile per se, but do my best for the music, so always had respectable, rather than great stuff (Sonab, NAD, Yamaha, Roksan MF, Aurora etc.). Have recently bought a Naim streamer, with a view to networking the collection. As much of my music was recorded in Africa during the 70's, I don't want anything too revealing, so I've also gone for tubes and horns, but not quite there yet. Do I see rabbits? Regards TPOK
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