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  1. When I posted the link, It was there. May be someone in this forum would have snapped it quickly.
  2. Found this, Might be a good deal for who lives in WA https://www.cashconverters.com.au/shop/music-tv-video/home-theatre-tvs-hifi-stereos/amplifiers/home-hifi-amplifier/001100187592
  3. I have provided all the evidence on the day of the delivery to pack and send for insurance claim but the only issue I couldn't get a quote and I have tried with the amp manufacturers and they didn't get back to me as well.
  4. You got a valid point. I am not that handy when comes to a handy man work. Also it has been insured and it is all pack and send's fault. Just want a quote to fix so that I can claim it out of the insurance that I paid on top
  5. Do you think a panel beater will do the job ?? I thought to approach some people who refurbish speakers can do this job
  6. It is not seller's fault as it was given to pack and send and they might have bumped a bit. I will keep that in mind. Seems like aluminium front. It is music fedility amp
  7. Hi Everyone, I have bought an amplifier and it came damage on one of the corner. When I asked the seller the damage was not done by him but it was on the transit and I paid lot for the postage and it got an insurance too. Can anyone help me to find someone who can give me a quote on the job locally around Melbourne. I am happy to bring the amplifier to you to check it out. It is just cosmetic for sure.
  8. Sorry for the delay, I have contacted the original owner and he got back to me this morning Dear Sam, This is going back a few years. You need not worry about the line voltage. Inside the KT88 amp, I have added a small autotransformer to correct the B+ (high voltage for the anodes of tubes). This was manufactured by Southern Electronic Services (SES) in Dandenong. I have also checked the voltages and currents applied to the tubes and made sure that these are in the safe operating area of the tubes. I need to check the notes that I made on the circuit diagram. From memory, I have replaced the cathode resistors, bypass capacitors and coupling capacitors to enhance the performance of the amp. Regards, This was the message from the seller. I am happy now that I can use this amp with the 240v power. Would you guys advice anything else apart from this to make sure I have to worry about ??
  9. Thought it is a good deal for someone local in QLD WHATMOUGH MAGNUM SERIES 30 Floor Standing Speakers https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WHATMOUGH-MAGNUM-SERIES-30-Floor-Standing-Speakers-Pair/153750701300?hash=item23cc4184f4:g:peUAAOSwi7xd6NhS BIN - $100
  10. It wasn't purchased here but I just had a word with the owner and they said it was directly plugged in to the 240v wall socket and they used it rarely for almost 4 years it seems
  11. I agree with you about choosing the step down transformer. But I can confirm that the previous owner was using it directly plugged in to the wall socket (240V Supply)
  12. Could you let me know what is required on the owners manual?? I can send you the pics of it thanks
  13. Thanks for your reply. My Voltage fluctuates between 230v - 245v but most of the time stays between 238v - 242v. Just wondering with that specs at the back of the amp can I use 110v stepdown transformer or 220v step down transformer. Both I am trying to use tortech only. This is the Spark 530 Integrated Tube amplifier. There are no info about it online as well.
  14. Just wondering is there a step down transformer needed for this Integrated Tube amplifier specification. I have done quite a extensive research on it but none of them explained clearly about the correct step down transformer It says 110v @8amp / 220v @4 amp and there is no switch at the back of the amplifier to make sure it is either running at 110v or 220v. I think it will automatically switch according to the figures. Some people are telling that the tubes will not last long if we don't use a step down transformer. Others telling that it should be fine @ 240v ( VICTORIA) and it doesn't require a step down transformer. Could anyone just help me. I just want to protect my equipment.
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