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  1. Thanks guys, i totally agree. I just tried my amps and pre together on my bro's pmc twenty5.26 speakers... Really very nice sound, clean and concise with plenty of space/imaging. The valves take away any harshness.. Sold my ns-1000's Keeping my eyes open for some infinity renaissance speakers atm.
  2. Hi all, been out of the game for a fair few years. Back in Aus now and piecing together a system out of my old gear and some new second hand. Atm i have: Ns 1000m and some b&o m70 Arcam alpha 8se cd player Marantz MA-7A mono blocks (30 watt pure class A each) Sonic frontiers line 1 tube preamp Looking to buy a tt next haven't put this lot together yet... Waiting on some Japanese/us power cords and boards to arrive from OS. Anyway a pretty modest system compared to the general audiophile community but i think it should all sound pretty good together for a reasonable outlay. Also should heat up the house nicely.
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