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  1. One of the standouts of all I heard at the show. Soul speakers sounded the most original and fresh like their design.
  2. From the seller and reading forums and sites on net.
  3. Yes, that fits the seller info on eBay, t
  4. I checked and all looked good? Thanks
  5. Hi all, just swapped out valvo e88cc tubes from my sonic frontiers line 1 se preamp with 6 nos 6N23P-(n) VOSKHOD tubes and as soon as it switched off standby their was a loud pop and smoke rising from my poor machine.. As far as I can tell these tubes should have been a direct swap but obviously something wasn't right. Any ideas please?
  6. Thanks guys, i totally agree. I just tried my amps and pre together on my bro's pmc twenty5.26 speakers... Really very nice sound, clean and concise with plenty of space/imaging. The valves take away any harshness.. Sold my ns-1000's Keeping my eyes open for some infinity renaissance speakers atm.
  7. Hi all, been out of the game for a fair few years. Back in Aus now and piecing together a system out of my old gear and some new second hand. Atm i have: Ns 1000m and some b&o m70 Arcam alpha 8se cd player Marantz MA-7A mono blocks (30 watt pure class A each) Sonic frontiers line 1 tube preamp Looking to buy a tt next haven't put this lot together yet... Waiting on some Japanese/us power cords and boards to arrive from OS. Anyway a pretty modest system compared to the general audiophile community but i think it should all sound pretty good together for a reasonable outlay. Also should heat up the house nicely.
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