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  1. Item: Gieseler Klein DAC II Location: Beaconsfield Sydney Price: $495 + postage. Item Condition: Good, minor cracks in faceplate, scratch in rear plate. Reason for selling: Not perfect in my system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% Paypal fee). Extra Info: This model has optical, SPDIF and USB input. It comes with the remote and wall plug. Very nice sound and works perfectly with everything except for my Apple Airport Express that I use as a wireless streamer to the optical input. I was getting a noise at the start of playback that I could not troubleshoot. I am pretty sure it is the Airport Express' fault but I don't care to replace the Airport Express to find out. This unit worked perfectly via USB and for the previous owner through all ports. Pictures:
  2. PM sent requesting Supra USB and Tara Labs RCA
  3. I would like item #1 and the 1 metre item #6. Posted please
  4. Item: Arcam irDock for older iPod Location: Zetland NSW Price: Free Item Condition: 6/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Free, or swap for any rca cord Extra Info: No box or manual Pickup only at the moment. I might post if there is no local interest. Working just fine as it should. This is a DAC and a dock
  5. Are these still available? I’m in Sydney so could drive up and have a look
  6. Looking for sub $800 speakers in Sydney and it seems that I need to post here before being allowed to reply in the classifieds Cheers, Justin
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