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  1. I’m about a year ahead of you in doing a similar thing. You are looking at some nice speakers (I bought a pair of Wyndham BR1). I think floorstanders are a great place to start as long as you are pretty sure you will be able to put them in the main room of whatever apartment you end up in. If there is a chance that you will have to listen in a bedroom in future, maybe steer towards something smaller and a sub. You could get away with any amp (as long as it’s not dodgy) for a while. Some streamers have a decent DAC built in and also serve as a preamp, possibly narrowing down your amp choic
  2. Item: Schiit Saga and/or Aegir Price Range: Close to retail. $519 for Saga Item Condition: New or Used I’m based in Melbourne, so postage is necessary unless within 5km of Richmond. Extra Info: Also interested in an Australian made preamp instead of you have one.
  3. I have a Modi Multibit you are welcome to try out for a month or so. I have found it to be not quite as nice as a Klein 2 and about the same as the internal DAC in a bluesound node 2i. Let me know you are within 5km of Richmond or 10km if we meet halfway.
  4. I have an Audioquest Forest cable (that was $65 new) that I’m not using anymore, is that what you were thinking or better than that? I’m in Melbourne
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