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  1. Hi pm’d. Interested in the white album Japan red vinyl. Regards
  2. Nice and cheap cans from a nice seller. GLWS!
  3. Some reviews say there’s a missing 4K-8k and recessed midrange?
  4. Further information: First owner since new 3.5 years ago (original RRP around 1k). Only used in a pet, child and smoke free dedicated listening room. Condition is as new. 5ft (1.5m tip to tip). 250V 10A rated. Furutech F1-11 (G) IEC plug (C15 type) and Furutech FI-AU 3112 (G) wall plug. I’m selling to fund new room acoustic treatment and multichannel audio projects. Actual pictures: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Great speakers and great guy to deal with. GLWS Chris
  6. Hi I thought you bought the laser head and replaced it yourself? Won’t work?
  7. Thank you very much. I this case I’ll wait for a 105 to pop up lol
  8. Great buy! Steven Gutenberg and Zero Fidelity speak highly of it!
  9. Thanks. That’s strange coz 95 had the same dac chip as 105 and should play DSD natively via USB. Guess oppo didn’t allow that function via firmware upgrade to encourage ppl to upgrade lol
  10. Sorry but a fan means better ventilation and more noise I suppose? 😅
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