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  1. GLWS! PS: second in line for the dog😉
  2. If memory serves me right, Tyll Hertsens from innerfidelity hailed it as one of the flattest headphones (by comparison to the Harmon target response curve). A steal at this condition! GLWS!
  3. PM’d for the Blue Jeans LC-1 3 foot (black) RCA-RCA
  4. Hi Matt I'm glad you are enjoying it lol. Eric made great tube amps and I guess his 2A3 should be better than mine. I'm curious to hear it when I'm back, and of course, your open baffle speakers lol. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, I'm the guy who auditioned the mz2 with my Cayin. My main purpose is to use it as a preamp however maybe due to my dumb ears I couldn't hear a leaping improvement lol... I tried it as an integrated amp with my B&W (90db/m/w) and Martin Logan (91db/m/w) and the result was stunning. Volume is pretty high in my small listening room and the sound is divine. Then I tried it with my Senheisser HD600 and Oppo PM3 and was shocked again, especially by the soundstage and bass control. I think for the asking price it's really a gem. More so if you have a solid state amp and looking for a tube preamp to add some tuby sounds~ Last but not least, the seller Matt is an extremely nice gentleman to deal with. Highly recommended! GLWS!
  6. I'm using a REL subwoofer with my Devialet by connecting the high level output of the subwoofer to the speaker ends of the Devialet. I've read REL subwoofers are good in blending with speakers but any active subwoofer with high level (speaker level) output should be fine working with Devialet. Another way like the previous owner said is to install the optional board which may not easy to find now. Last time I checked there is one store in US selling it for a few hundred dollars.
  7. Thank you guys. I’ve got a PSU for a while. Thanks anyway lol
  8. Thanks mate. Still waiting for the reply from seller. Cheers
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