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  1. Back up if sale falls through
  2. Thrilled to see 曾国藩 and 史记, GLWS!
  3. mjledme

    FS: Big Vinyl lot - A to C

    Thank you very much. GLWS!
  4. mjledme

    FS: Big Vinyl lot - A to C

    Hi I’m interested in Cabaret Voltaire – The Crackdown German VG+/VG+ $15 Is it the version with 12”EP? will take it if so. Thanks
  5. Back up if sale fails. Local pickup. Cheers
  6. mjledme

    SOLD: Bowers & Wilkins CM10 S2 Gloss Black

    have the same spewkers. Curious what are you upgrading to? 800s? GLWS!
  7. mjledme

    FS: VAF i93s and i90s

    PM sent on Devialet
  8. Lucky Victorians!
  9. Oh haha sorry that I didn't read carefully. GLWS~
  10. Hi curious to know what 2A3 tube amp you use with them? And listening situation: small room? near-field listening? How big the volume? since the sensitivity of the speakers is only 86db/1W/1m and 2A3 tube amps are famous for the low power output (around 3.5w per channel?). GLWS!
  11. Bought my phono stage from Chris. A very nice guy. GLWS!
  12. Hi I'll take them. Will donate $20 to DNA. Thanks