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  1. i know right lol, it definitely needs a redo
  2. well neither can i but, i know they are there haha. anyway here are some pictures of my war zone 😅
  3. yeah, those velcro ties are handy i bought a heap last time i tidied the cables up. i might get some of those cable buddies they look pretty good.
  4. @rockeater that's some nice cable management you have there. i might have to also consider mounting my power boards on the wall as you have done.
  5. so after a few hours of Googleing looks like finding the hdmi connectors is going to be a challenge, or any connectors for that matter. I can find a few solder on hdmi connectors, but not any idc type ones that you just put the wires in and crimp which splices in, this type make a better more reliable connection without introducing unnecessary resistance. i just assumed that the connectors where like ethernet cables but obviously it's not a easy for other cable types grr back to the drawing board. is there perhaps someone like an electrician that comes around and does all the av wiring for you? at a cost obviously
  6. Being an audio visual and technology fan, one tends to have many devices and of course lots of cables to go along with it. So in my listing/watching entertainment unit i have a mess of cables behind. I tried once before to reorganize and manage them better but it's still a disaster back there and over time i have added and removed devices making it even more of a mess, not to mention the potential for interference between cables etc. due to coils. Therefore i believe that the best course of action is to pull every cable out and start over. So my question is would it be best making all cables custom myself to the exact lengths? As to remove all excess. If so is there like a universal type of connection method? Or am I going to have to buy a termination tool for each type of connection? ie. Hdmi, usb, rca, power, ethernet etc. Or is there some better way to organize cables that I'm overlooking? What do you do to organize your cables? Or is it out of sight out of mind type thing? Thought i would ask you guys before i started researching about cables and connectors and the tools to terminate said cable's/connectors. Thanks in advance. i will now commence the Googles while i await your replies 😁
  7. yeah, my idea is no good for roon as far as i can tell there is no way to select the individual albums via keyboard.
  8. correct roon is not designed to use IR, eventghost ghost is a Windows automation tool. so you could map key presses on the IR remote to emulate keyboard key presses, so basically eventghost runs in the background independent of roon and when an IR button is pressed eventghost emulates the desired keystroke. this works for anything on Windows and you can make it focus on a particular window so if you minimize roon to do something else like a web browser the IR remote can either be disabled or you could have different key mapping to control the browser with the IR remote that's fine if you don't want to use roon just thought I'd explain a bit further because this method works for any program where keyboard control is possible, heck im pretty sure you can even emulate mouse movements with eventghost. although on closer inspection it looks like you can't even select individual album in album view with the arrow keys on a keyboard just change pages, that is kinda dumb either im doing something wrong or roon devs have overlooked it seems like a basic feature to be able to control with keyboard
  9. @Satanica i have a htpc that i use with eventghost(software) and a usb cec adapter that allows me to use my tv remote to navigate jriver theater view. So it is possible, with eventghost and your IR setup you could also do something similar, allowing your IR remote to navigate roon or anything else for that matter. Not sure how tech savvy you are as it requires a bit of initial setup but i would be happy to explain further or even guide you through the process if you are at all interested.
  10. in your situation you could have run an ethernet cable from the modem/router and bridged it to a new just wireless router without a modem but that would require a bigger cost than just a cable. this approach keeps the the phone cable unchanged which is great especially if lengthening causes drop outs or speed reduction, ethernet is rated upto ~100 meters so its a great alternative.
  11. ive just had my new Samsung QLED tv calibrated by Tony from Clarity Audio & Visual Calibration https://www.claritycalibration.com.au/ he is based in Adelaide and is ISF certified. just before he did mine he was in Melbourne doing some projector calibrating so not sure if he would do sydney but it's worth an ask, He is a really nice guy and definitely knows what he's doing. also he does SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision calibrations
  12. Item: LG UP970 4K HDR Blu-ray player Location: Aberfoyle Park, SA Price: ~ $200 Item Condition: Very Good, not used often Reason for selling: got a new tv and am upgrading to get the features i require Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: supports Dolby Vision and hdr, has Youtube and Netflix apps. would have to check if i have original box but i have everything that came with it. Photos:
  13. yeah i also have received new unsealed records that will have visible dust and fluff on them, i think better quality control would be nice. i contacted them straight away it took a couple of weeks of communication but they eventually sent me a return label and i received my replacement after about a month, but definitely worth the replacement. No issues with the new copy
  14. i cant seem to see how you create an account, so i can contribute?
  15. correct its more for a decorative reason than functional. thats the idea, a bit on the pricey side but i like it. although i might investigate making my own first before spending a lot, maybe arduino based if i can work out how to code it lol
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