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  1. Just put a deposit on the second last x9900 from rio @6150
  2. So once the walls frame is knocked up (double) and the ceiling frame with clips and channel, insulate all of it, then first layer of plaster on ceiling, then first layer of plaster on walls, seal it up with accoustic sealant, GG the plaster for the ceiling, then gg second layer for wall , seal up meeting points of the plaster (corners) then just standard bog for the joints?
  3. "It goes, ceiling - wall - gg/ceiling- gg/wall" Could you just break that a bit down? Do you mean in order of importance or build?
  4. I mostly care about not going to war with my neighbours and one day when the baby comes around I can occasionally enjoy my room haha! I think I will go double glaze and just make a frame, fill with the same isolation I will use for the walls and go double plaster board with GG I will seal it with acoustic sealant and if I ever need to sell the house I can just cut it out! For the walls we are going double stud with double insolation, two layers of plaster (10) mm with GG. Do the gaps in the corners need acoustic sealant as well? I assume you just bog up all the panels as per normal before you paint? For the ceiling looks like it will be clips and channel. Again it is a single story house so im still trying to get my head around how the ceiling will be.
  5. Sounds good to me! So did you end up going with thicker glass rather than double glazing? Did you get a winodw with thermal breaks? Did you plug the window?
  6. Looking at the options for ceiling treatment it seems alot of these are towards two storey homes? Mine is a single story. Which option out of the three solutions would be the easiest/cost effective for my situation?
  7. As the title says i am pretty noob at this so all this stuff is really advanced for me... Below is the draft of the room, With the window i was going to get a roller shutter on it and just have it double glazed and put some accoustic foam on the inside. 1, i dont want to effect re saleability of the house as i dont know if i will live here for ever, 2 still dont know what i am doing and the builder is pretty oldschool and they wont understand much neither. They might understand if i tell them to install the window with a thermal break? I appreciate you guys are giving me your time and knowledge but you must understand i am already delving into a level here that 90% of people wouldnt... When you go to big picture people they never tell you about all this stuff etc.. so for me this is pretty advanced stuff With this below plan i am going double stud wall so i can do 2x layers of accoustic insulation and the Plan says we are going with two layers of plaster and i can put the Green Glue between. Can anyone tell me where i could source it? Does the cieling also need double plaster with GG in between? I dont want to get really technical with decoupling hats etc. With the Bass traps i could do an open triangle frame on the top and bottom if that sounds better? i appriciate that there are multiple area to put the traps but i had a hard enough time convinving the other half to let me use 600mm traps in all corners let alone extend it accros the ceiling 20 points etc, i am sure i am still going to get a very nice noticible improvment going with my humble project intentions? I was planning to put a couple of 50mm thick panels at first reflection points and 2x clouds all of these infront of the listening positions. On the rear wall directly in the centre i was planning on doing a really thick bass trap panel or 2 more panels with some DIY scatter plates similiar in design from Gik acoustics out of 5mm MDF, these would give the room a nice look 2! But as Mike has pointed out, Bass traps may be enough to make the room sound sweet so i may make the plates and not end up using or needing them. I am planning on using a solid wooden door with seals around the perimeter. Note i have decided not to go with a bulkhead and just go standard 2.5m ceiling. Please tell me what you think Shane
  8. Mike thanks for all the info, I will be using acoustic insolation for all the walls and ceiling of the room behind the plaster wall, As i said the only window in the room i am going to have double glazed and stick foam wedges on it before mounting the projector screen on it! I am thinking of making trip corner traps for all 4 of the corners using Bradfords Ultratel 48kg (Board instead of blanket) The face of the corner super chunk will be 60cm and the depth about 40cm or so, i will cut the insulation into triangles and stack them up. I plan on making them in 1.2m pieces so stacking 2 ontop of each other in the corners The trap will most likely have a base and top about 1cm thick most likely mdf and then wrapped with a breathable fabric. Let me know what you think Shane
  9. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    What about something like this for either the front 3 channels or front 3 and 2 surrounds. https://www.stereophonic.com.au/emotiva-basx-a-500-5-channel-power-amplifier/
  10. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    Now that we have that out of the way I am thinking this for the fronts, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/redfern/radios-receivers/osd-audio-amp300-power-amplifier/1191579351 My original question though, do you think it will make a huge impact have the fronts powered by a different amp than the center?
  11. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    This will make more sense
  12. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    I wasnt going to reassign fronts to ceilings, i would use the front preouts and set the receiver to use external amplification for the fronts, and then wire up the remaining outputs to the rest of the speakers, still give me 11 channels. 9internal amps + 2 externals
  13. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    Thats what i mean, i can get a decent 2 channel amp tp power the fronts however the centre would still be powered from the AVR's amp. I just want to know how critical it is to keep the Front left, Right and Centre running from the same amp?
  14. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    Using pre outs from the reciever pretty sure you can get reciever to use external for those outputs
  15. shazza6887

    External Amp for Front L&R 7.2.4 Setup

    I dont think you understand what i am trying to achieve, The Denon x4500 has 9 internal amps for 9 channels. I need another 2 channels to achieve 7.1.4, so trying to decide if i get cheap 2 channel amp to power rears or hieghts, or decent 2 channel amp to power the front left and right. My concern is what i have heard about keeping the front sound stage powered by the same amplifier for consistancy