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  1. @Kdjjdk Will @Warwick Robson Thanks for the suggestion. I have spoken to Mike during the week and will go up to the factory in Qld. to audition the ML2 Ref and ML5 Ref and his speaker cables.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. Certainly some food for thought and makes I hadn't heard of. I'll check out some of the speakers mentioned and let you know what I decide on.
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a Luxman L-509X integrated and am really enjoying it. My speakers are Dynaudio Focus 110s on stands and my listening area is an average size lounge. I'm looking to upgrade to better bookshelf speakers and read that Harbeth and B&W match well with Luxman. Any other suggestions? (up to about $7500). Oh, any speaker cable recommendations for such a setup? Thanks Artie
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