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  1. I think I saw them with Mastodon too in Melbourne. Good to see blokes looking after their mates with beer
  2. They're a great band, and are brilliant live!
  3. OMG, Epic! I went and saw them when they toured a few years ago. Brilliant!
  4. Thanks for posting this. I was vaguely aware of Cattle Decapitation, after watching the video decided to buy the Death Atlas album. Freaking incredible!!!!
  5. Time for Aussie Metal. I keep sayin', from Dead Kelly to Psycroptic, Aussie has you covered Listened to Cursed Earth's "The Deathbed Sessions" so much over the past few months, such a freakin epic EP. They lost their singer and released an EP with a different singer for each song. They're a bloody brilliant Perth band. So much goodness from WA (with Cursed Earth and Make Them Suffer topping my favourites recently). As much as it pains me to say this as a Victorian, there's some good **** comin' out of Perth at the moment. Thornhill, what a brilliant metalcore band from Melbourne. Their EP, "Butterfly", from last year was bloody great, but recent release "The Dark Pool" is something else, just brilliant. Check it out! Finally Meshiaak's new album "Mask of All Misery" due for release on 15 Nov 19 is destined to be something else. The first few tracks release are awesome. Polished thrash tracks worth listening to. Clean brilliantly produced thrash. Bloody great!
  6. It's not really about the mix, and sound quality, for me what stands out most is the appalling way that the band treated Jason Newstead, and the Justice album reflects this in a strikingly audible way. Overall Justice is a really good album, in my opinion it's the last really "intellectual" Metallica album (and I'm sorry that this sounds really elitist and **** to be honest, but it's an opinion I've formed after being a fan of Metallica for 34 years), but for me the Justice album signalled the start of the downfall of what was the quintessential thrash band of the '80s, that is the transition of the Burton influenced Metallica to the Bob Rock influenced Metallica. Don't get me wrong I love Metallica, all of their albums, but there is a big difference in style between pre-Black and Black onwards. Definitely agree though, their behaviour during the Napster days was pretty bad and really put people offside (though I agreed with them, Napster in the early days allowed unapologetic theft of their music).
  7. Controversial! 😲 For me, if Lars hadn't meddeled in the final mix on Justice, I'd agree, Metallica's finest it would have been. I remember buying it on vinyl in '88 and being a tad disappointed (although double vinyl - awesome!). As a 16 year old back then I had hoped for something that crushed Puppets, but was left wanting. Sadly, the mix brings this album down. Based on reports in the media, Lars insistence on crushing Newstead's bass and bring forward weak and trebly precussion was disappointing. Master is still the best imo (with Burton's awesome cthulhu weird horror vibe, Burton RIP), followed by Ride, then Justice, then Kill e'm, then Black, and then the rest. If Metallica were still going to be touring Aus this month (I hope James recovers!), I was more looking forward to Slipknot than Metallica. That said Justice is still a great album!
  8. Good to see people are enjoying the new Frame Adapt goodness that has come with the latest firmware. Really liking it so far and the price of entry is great (free!) compared to other options out there *cough* Lumagen, MadVR Envy *cough*. Although I figure it probably won't be as good as the dedicated solutions for DTM (and yes I understand Lumagen and MadVR Envy do a lot more than just DTM), as a free update it's awesome. I've found it especially improves the visible detail in the dark scenes in movies (where I found I was playing with the ATM sliders during movies). Watched MIB International and Brightburn so far, after I updated my N7. Really does make a difference to the image. I hope to test out Wonder Woman and Aquaman which I felt were difficult HDR tests for the projector when previously watching using the ATM. Plus there's all the Disney/Marvel movies with no HDR metadata to try out to see what difference it makes. The settings for Frame Adapt I settled on: Medium, Frame by Frame, Wide.
  9. Haven’t had any regrets preordering my N7 over a year ago. JVC are certainly doing a stellar job sorting the issues and adding in some great features. The experience I’ve had watching content on it has been great!
  10. I thought this response from Kris about how the JVC DTM compares to the Lumagen Radiance Pro DTM was interesting. Awesome Kris! I know you havent done much with MadVR, but I do know you have some lumagen DTM experience. Were you able to do some comparisons there? I am wondering if I may drop MadVR if the JVC DTM is 90% there for pure ease of use. Probably in that ballpark surprisingly. This new firmware update is looking really good. BTW, Congrats on your new N7 Al.
  11. I was keen on the Envy, but the retail prices announced are insane, completely, and utterly insane! I could spend the delta in money for what they're asking on things which would make a much, much, much bigger improvement for my home theatre than what the Envy would give. Considering I'll get frame by frame DTM on my DLA-N7 for nothing with a simple firmware upgrade, a US$6-10K investment on an Envy is absolute madness for me (and yes I know it'll give me more than that, but free vs US$10k is a pretty big margin) . I could build an absolute BONKERS, BONKERS, BONKERS gaming PC for those prices!!!!! If I want MadVR for my home theatre I'll be building a HTPC at a many, many, many thousands of dollars saving compared to what the Envy costs, inconvenience of setup and maintenance be damned. Seriously I think Madshi and MadVR LLC has misread the market on their release (and I say this as someone who generally has no problem spending big dollars on nice things, see avatar pic). I think I'll be building a HTPC with MadVR for my home theatre now to show him the price he is asking for the Envy is absolutely stupid.
  12. I'll admit I'm a Bandcamp noob, but will check it out more often. Good pick up. I do like Ne Obliviscaris, but for Aussie technical death metal prefer Psycroptic Lovin the boys from Tassie!!!
  13. Wow! listened to this quite a few times today. I'm absolutely lovin' it. Way more prog than expected. Production values are very, very high. Listening to it at the moment, not quite at a significant volume as you are Ant, sadly... Instead I'll rev up my Porsche loudly tomorrow morning, to annoy my neighbours, when I leave for work at 6.30am
  14. Hey Ant, thanks for the recommendation, listening to it at work at the moment, great, album! More prog than I expected based on the the song you linked last night. Definitely love the metal, its a broad church of many different styles and types that challenges both the senses and the mind. Keep 'those suggestions coming my man I like listening to new stuff! (just looked at the list of albums I have in iTunes - 695 albums lol). And yes, everyone should come over to the dark side!! Cheers, Dave.
  15. I love metal hugely and for the most part it doesn't matter what style and how it sounds, as long as it's heavy, and challenges me. Very, very good technical death metal with prog to mix it up. Reminds me a fair bit of Black Crown Initiate for some reason with a touch of Opeth and Meshuggah. Great album, subscribed. I have bought and downloaded it. Edit: Well that was random, don't know how this post ended up in this thread!
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