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  1. I was keen on the Envy, but the retail prices announced are insane, completely, and utterly insane! I could spend the delta in money for what they're asking on things which would make a much, much, much bigger improvement for my home theatre than what the Envy would give. Considering I'll get frame by frame DTM on my DLA-N7 for nothing with a simple firmware upgrade, a US$6-10K investment on an Envy is absolute madness for me (and yes I know it'll give me more than that, but free vs US$10k is a pretty big margin) . I could build an absolute BONKERS, BONKERS, BONKERS gaming PC for those prices!!!!! If I want MadVR for my home theatre I'll be building a HTPC at a many, many, many thousands of dollars saving compared to what the Envy costs, inconvenience of setup and maintenance be damned. Seriously I think Madshi and MadVR LLC has misread the market on their release (and I say this as someone who generally has no problem spending big dollars on nice things, see avatar pic). I think I'll be building a HTPC with MadVR for my home theatre now to show him the price he is asking for the Envy is absolutely stupid.
  2. I'll admit I'm a Bandcamp noob, but will check it out more often. Good pick up. I do like Ne Obliviscaris, but for Aussie technical death metal prefer Psycroptic Lovin the boys from Tassie!!!
  3. Wow! listened to this quite a few times today. I'm absolutely lovin' it. Way more prog than expected. Production values are very, very high. Listening to it at the moment, not quite at a significant volume as you are Ant, sadly... Instead I'll rev up my Porsche loudly tomorrow morning, to annoy my neighbours, when I leave for work at 6.30am
  4. Hey Ant, thanks for the recommendation, listening to it at work at the moment, great, album! More prog than I expected based on the the song you linked last night. Definitely love the metal, its a broad church of many different styles and types that challenges both the senses and the mind. Keep 'those suggestions coming my man I like listening to new stuff! (just looked at the list of albums I have in iTunes - 695 albums lol). And yes, everyone should come over to the dark side!! Cheers, Dave.
  5. I love metal hugely and for the most part it doesn't matter what style and how it sounds, as long as it's heavy, and challenges me. Very, very good technical death metal with prog to mix it up. Reminds me a fair bit of Black Crown Initiate for some reason with a touch of Opeth and Meshuggah. Great album, subscribed. I have bought and downloaded it. Edit: Well that was random, don't know how this post ended up in this thread!
  6. Loved this album when it came out! Really must get Awakening when it comes out next week! They’re touring in February next year too.
  7. I've been giving these two new releases a bit of a crack over the weekend. Loving both these albums!!! Can't wait until Slipknot are touring in October, I wish Destruction would tour Australia!
  8. Apparently Rammstein are breaking up and doing a farewell work tour, I’ll be seeing them when they hit Aus.
  9. Yep, that’s me, ‘cept my crest fell out, damn male pattern baldness...😜
  10. The firmware update is a piece of cake to do, just need to download the files and put them on a USB drive and plug it into the projector. I've done it twice now, no issues.
  11. I haven't had the blue bars issue etc. and my sources are Oppo UDP-203 and Apple TV going through an AudioControl Maestro M5 AV processor via a 15m Kordz PRS3 Active Optical Cable. From the looks of it on AVS it appears most people affected are using nVidia Shield and/or Denon/Marantz AV receivers. I do wonder if its an HDMI issue with certain gear or cables, but it seems so random. @Chamii, I don't think you have anything to lose by updating your firmware to 2.07. Give that a shot and see what happens.
  12. As luck would have it I was listening to this album yesterday at work Very nice!
  13. Gotta love Amon! Their latest album, Berserker, is a brilliant album. The lyrics to their songs tell stories, and despite the growl you can understand the story. Love the Viking Metal.!
  14. Well watched a movie after the firmware upgrade(4K Blu-ray of Ocean's 8) and I'm sorry to say ..... ..... ..... ..... that no issues arose... These new native 4K JVC projectors are a real disappointment 🤣 I want a broken one like everyone else has!
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