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  1. Further information: Purchased in 2016. Has a standard 3.5” stereo jack. Great condition, with no obvious marks or damage. The ear pads are the originals and have some minor wear. Have only had very limited use over the years - I’d estimate less than 200 hours. Photos:
  2. Does anyone trust reviews from 6moons? Their terrible website design and sometime impenetrable wording aside, they seem to operate entirely from ad revenue from the very same audio companies they review products from. I realise this is probably how a lot of the hifi industry press works, but it seems more blatant here. And importantly, their reviews seem to embody the problematic aspects of this economic model: in a random sampling of 10 or so recent reviews, I saw that all ended positive, mostly flattering, and often explaining away potential issues and reading more like a sales p
  3. Just wondering if anyone has purchased a NuPrime product, in particular a power amp such as the ST-10, from overseas? I can't find any online stores that will ship to Australia. Can only see the ST-10 on http://www.mcleans.info/ and the price isn't great. Thanks
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