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  1. Thanks Decky. I'll keep this in mind as I troubleshoot.
  2. @andyr, interesting. I really appreciate the offer. I have a friend nearby who has an isolating transformer. I'll see if i can borrow it and see how that goes.
  3. I'm rather new to separates and I'm sure this is embarrassingly simple. When plugging headphones into my receiver (Marantz AV7005), there's no sound coming through. Not sure if this is related, but it's contrary to what I would expect. When I'm playing music via the receiver, on plugging in the headphones (with jack adapter) the sound doesn't cease playing through the speakers. It's leading me to suspect the headphone port is just not picking up any connection. Am I missing something obvious here?
  4. Thanks. I've ordered one online. I'll see how this goes.
  5. I was fiddling with my cables the other day and suddenly I've been punished with a high pitched buzz/hum. After unplugging everything and slowly putting things back together, it doesn't appear the noise is resolving itself. I've searched a number of older posts and I haven't been able to find a solution to the particular situation I've found myself. I've simplified my setup down to the TV, 2 speakers, amp + receiver and have identified the culprit is originating from the TV antenna cable. Everything is also plugged into the one outlet (via powerboard). The cable is a standard RF antenna cable I've purchased from JB and plugs into the antenna wall socket. The noise occurs even when only the amp is turned on (and the receiver and TV remain in standby). It's an integrated amp and the noise increases in volume by turning the amp volume up. Turning the receiver volume up has no impact beyond the master volume. What's also strange is it only affects one of my amps. I have a secondary amp placed into the same position and with the exact same cables which doesn't generate this noise. The noise will immediate cease as soon as either the antenna cable or (either end of) the ARC HDMI is unplugged. I've found keeping the amp volume at around 30% makes the background noise barely noticeable, and I just have to turn my receiver volume up much higher to get to my normal listening volume. Doing this, constantly removing the TV antenna, or substituting my secondary amp isn't ideal in the longer term. Before I run out and start purchasing new cables to experiment with, has anyone else experienced this particular issue or have any solutions to preventing the antenna/cable seemingly being behind this noise?
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