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  1. Muzzcat

    Buying vinyl

    Thanks for help.
  2. Muzzcat

    Buying vinyl

    Another thing I should add is what I'm wanting to do is replace my old much loved music because the pot the piss and the partying has wrecked some of my favourite tracks so is it better to get reissues or try to find original pressings. I kind of was and still am into zappa, mahavishnu orchestra, Robert fripp all of that era sort of stuff that was a bit out there can't stand commercial music.While I'm at it I started another forum on building a tube amp in kit form can I crank a zappa solo on a tube amp or does his style not work with this subdued type of amp or will it just be magically better I love his solo on muffin man that sort of thing.Sorry for the long winded queries but I've been listening to vinyl for more than 45yrs on my own gear without paying much attention to sound quality or brand names as long as it worked and was bearable to my untrained ear. Now I'm in my sixties I can play that stuff in a bit more of a restrained way and appreciate the genius of those sorts of musos. Is that how you spell musos
  3. Muzzcat

    Buying vinyl

    Thanks mate I was wondering exactly that if I want multiple purchases and want to avoid multiple freight charges do I create a wish list and its somehow spotted buy a dealer and they do there best to fill it.
  4. Muzzcat

    Tube amp kit

    Thanks for the heads up looks great multiple choices good prices I quite like there speakers as well.
  5. Muzzcat

    Buying vinyl

    That has me worried to fork out my hard earned and have the hassle of refunds when you get **** on. But where else can you find some of the vinyl that's maybe a bit obscure or rare as rocking horse.....
  6. Muzzcat

    Tube amp kit

    Well the one I linked is an integrated so no need for a preamp. I'm new here I was going to go to tube sound audio in the blue mountains but just found a terrible reveiw on this site a couple of years old any one else had dealings with them.
  7. Muzzcat

    Tube amp kit

    Not sure the one I was looking at had upgraded capacitors and other parts but also had a matching pre amp for another 1k. Think i will build both so I'm heading towards 3k.
  8. Muzzcat

    New member.

    Thanks but I'm finding this forum bloody hard to navigate must be because I'm an old fart.
  9. Muzzcat

    Buying vinyl

    How much should I risk on unseen items I'm looking at buying 1 lp for $200 plus postage from the states.
  10. Muzzcat

    Tube amp kit

    I'm considering buying and building a tube amp in kit form. It's going to cost around 2k is there a good tube amp out there for that money I dont need to build., I'm looking at the upgraded elektic tu 8200. It has plenty of good reveiws
  11. Muzzcat

    Buying vinyl

    Do many of you buy vinyl through discogs.
  12. Muzzcat

    New member.

    G'day everyone muzzcat here I'm a new member joined 2 days ago. Can someone point me to a glossary of common terms used in audiophile land with explanations in laymens terms. Thankyou.
  13. Muzzcat

    Clear audio Concept or Rega Planer 6

    I've read a lot about the marantz tt-15s1 isn't it made by clear audio and looks much nicer for less money.