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  1. I would prefer to sell together, but am open to discussing a split
  2. Further information: Unfortunately these crazy times we are living through have forced me to rearrange my life in big ways. I'll be parting with quite a bit of gear, starting with these two gorgeous units with a combine RRP of $14,000 and a commemoration of the company's 50th anniversary. Purchased in Sep 2020, they are in perfect working order with a five year warranty until Sep 2025 (transferrable to new owner). The Edge W has a very minor blemish on one of the heat sync fins, and being black you're unlikely to notice it unless you go looking for it. The Edge NQ has
  3. Further information: These speakers have been the best computer speakers I've ever owned, just excellent. You could connect many different things to these powered speakers, including a bluetooth adapter if you wish to go wireless (Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Receiver). My setup has changed since moving house and it is time for them to find a new home too. Box and original contents included. I have listed the condition as excellent - I always hesitate to say mint, however I cannot find a mark on them (aside from some minor indentation from the stands on the foam pad underneath
  4. Further information: Up for sale is this great little unit. I've really enjoyed it, but my setup has changed since moving house and I figure someone should make good use of it, rather than it sitting in a box. Box and original contents included. Overview Perfect for providing a higher quality audio signal to speakers or headphones, the D1 is a high quality 24-bit DAC and headphone amplifier for your computer, smartphone, TV etc.. The D1 connects to your device’s USB port or Optical output. Key Features Desktop or portable digital-to-analog convertor
  5. Hi, I am after exactly that Dali centre speaker that you've listed. I do see that you'd prefer to sell all items together, but if you do decide you'd be happy to sell the Dali centre to me alone I'd be very grateful. I'm in Canberra and could come pick it up whenever suits you. Thanks for your time. Allan
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